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M Jul 2017
Reach out to me as I reach for you,
Tell me you want this too

I've never lamented that this world was so big until I realized it meant I could be
apart from you
M Jul 2017
Thanks for stopping by,
I always forget to stop and say hi
To the things that are along my way
and way down the line I'll stop and I'll find that things aren't as they used to be
And all the things I used to see have gone on to go their own way

And I will feel regret.
M Apr 2017
I think sometimes that we are too eager as people.

All we can think about when we're little is what we'll be when we grow up and then we realize we aren't children anymore and it's devastating.

And here we are, growing up more.
M Jan 2017
Is this situation curious or is it just me
who wonders why no one can ever just make up their minds
myself included
My thoughts deluded with your slender frame
when the tang in your breath was all the wind that was left in that world
of crashing waves and monumentous puddles
you were the only land
and I clung on so desperately
too desperately
as the current pulled me away

Is it true that all anyone wants is to be wanted?

Or do they just crave being able to pull away?
M Dec 2016
I don't even want to hold you anymore.
You did it. You Won.

I know now I am nothing to you but something to dwell on in the hidden places
A hand to hold when it's too dark to see

But I could always see
And because of that, I started to see you.

If it didn't mean anything when you traced my palms what compelled you to do it? Do you even remember the moment you suddenly cupped my cheek with your palm oh so gently and then just as quickly pulled away? My skin refuses to forget.

And after these three years of whatever this was, I give up. I can't become another story; that's all we end up being to you, stories. Even the ones who think they made it, that is all they become. I will leave, I am leaving so please spare me at least of that.

You won.
M Nov 2016
Red lips sway in the summer heat

Once, the world was green and wet and wonderful
and the stars would fall to the earth and cling to all its glory when the morning came.
But no more.

Flowers would bloom and we would pluck their petals
asking for love with our fingers'  cruel embrace
But that world loved us not

And now
the sun beats down on us and burns our backs
and made brittle,
Cupid's crimson bow dances back and forth in god's hot breath
a wilting waltz towards oblivion
Rest In Peace, Melanie. The world felt over when I heard you were gone. It isn't, but I still miss you like hell my little rosebud.
M Nov 2016
Relinquish the feelings forget the momentary stealing of that silken hand by my own,
It was never mine to take no matter how many times I raked my ******* brain for reasons to touch
To postpone
The truth

It was never the same
It being feelings sending me reeling towards an indifferent you
But different, who touched me first whose fault is it that I am immersed in remembering the shapes of the lines that traced your palms?

My own.

It is all my own.
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