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 Jan 2017 Lysander Gray
I wondered
I pondered
I thought about it too

What is the stuff that
dreams are made of

The Stuff that

Shatters like *glass

Shape-shifts like water
Splatters like blood
Stings like fire

The Stuff that makes

 Jan 2017 Lysander Gray
Taru M
there are so many holes in the sky tonight
I wish I could crawl through one
and drop into an infinite drop
explore the nothing in the nothing
freefalling has always felt natural to me
I guess that's why it's so hard to orient myself
with enough space for beliefs and doubts
I look to the moon for guidance
while it waxes and wanes
it is always whole
illuminated or not
it is always present

****** fingertips
against blushing skin,

swallowed eyes over


***** lips,

heart beating;



the mans smile.

Raw nature,
the slipping
crease among eyes

captures moisture

dew drops






wet skin 




echoes crawling



lip biting





Copyright © 2015 Tessa Calogaras.
All Rights Reserved
Lady between my fingertips,
white skin and chestnut hair that sat
between my mind.
She pulled up like roses cumbering dirt
from roots that hung their feet and quivered.
She let go her
melancholy legs
that dangled free against the summers air.
I giggled as I kissed her
and she turned the brightest shade
of red.
Held her hand until the shakes set in
and pried our hands apart.
Started crying as the rain hit my head
and she said,
“would you like to take a seat?”
Sat beneath shelter as
we let our fears pour.
She filled me with her
I couldn’t eat for days.
She held her mouth wide
with her white teeth;
that decorated the night
like stars perched amongst darkness.
She made my insides shine.
with hearts beating
and open palms she said,
“Would you like to take a seat?”
Copyright © 2015 Tessa Calogaras.
All Rights Reserved
was just another day
You made it through
The darkness descends on your soul
Like a black veil
Twisting and tightening
Around you
Nowhere to go
Nobody hears
No one near
Only the Black Dog howls.

Yet you do have a weapon
So fight !
Take your brush and paint
Take your pen and write

Sing to the Black Dog
Paint away the night
And the black veil
In a frame of an all consuming flame.

Behind the fog
We are there,
Your friends.
This one is for you, Sasha.
New day
New life
New anything

But where are you ?
The light doesn't reach
The night of your soul
The darkness of your despair
The crushing  weight of your  pain.
I am calling you
Often in vain
I hear you breathe
I hear you cry
So far away
I want to stop your hurt
I don't know how
Take my hand
It's here
For you !

At the dawn of your life
I gave  my freedom for you.
Not a sacrifice
A gift !
My freedom means nothing
Without you.

Now the dawn is calling
Can you hear ?
It is morning !
I am near
The Black Dog will shy away
Don't trade your pain for Nothing.
Because that's what it would be
for you.
If you leave this valley of tears
All will end.
The beautiful paintings
Still waiting
Will never  be.
Please,  take my hand
It's here
For you

The love of a man
The love of winning
The love for the arts
Are nothing
Next  to the love  of a mother
for you !
My loved one was in a hospital, sick.
Troubled mind
Wounded soul
Broken heart
not healing.

Soft fur
and feline purr
of a rescued cat
Might help
to give your life
New  meaning.
Rescued old, skinny and hungry cat is now doing the rescueing.
now that we are nearly one
let us consume the other
and be tranquil in our spine
and darlings, ever darlings.
let us chime invincible
upon the  purposeful earth
and lounge in the quake
of it.

now that we are nearly one
let us pursue the rarity of our union
to the depths of our actual love
and be made perfect in the flaw
of god's kingdom, where man has raged
against itself, and joined the devils
of their inner dread.
let us coerce the seasons to a bliss
and reign above all unjoy
to be together, at odds
with the evening
of our mean

let us love the other more than we understand
and stand under the canopy of sleepless
love... forever.
your cell phone vibrates like a pixie on a train.
smooth as a glass baby's
loose Blue Tooth
in Vaseline
you were miles away from my empty pail of rain
a watermark on the moon, maybe
you knew every
thing ?
maybe you do, maybe i'm drinking my lunch.
you amuse the air i breathe through my skin
like a pearl soothes an oyster
in a bed of nails
and spring.

your ******* are amazing.

you are vishnu at harrods. an airy gorgeous.
a gourd of palpable kiss.
you are the meaning of senseless joy
and the engines
of yes.
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