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X Feb 2015
After sacrifice comes redemption.
X Nov 2014
Why don't you just *get the **** outta here?
X Oct 2014
And It Seems Like You Never Left
X Oct 2014
There is something in us
Something in your eyes
the way they looked at mine
the way they perpetually shine

There is something in the way
you held my hands today
nobody ever did before
at least not like that, I'm sure

There is something in your smile
that makes everything worthwhile
there is something behind
and that's what I want to find

That something in you
makes me want to kiss you
you grin and close the door
then leave me begging for more
X Oct 2014
... and I wonder why I cannot escape my past.
X Oct 2014
Because she told me not to drink
She told me to stop drinking
So I didn't
Even if everybody pushed me to.

But then my mind flashed these things
that I can't ignore
I remember how
you didn't have to remind me
not to drink
and I said
'I won't drink.
I miss you.
I don't like it here.
I'd rather be with you.'

I remembered you
but still thought of her.

I wonder why
I still remember you
but choose to be with her.
Does it still hurt?... Yes, maybe.
X Oct 2014
We are not flirting.
We're just friends,
you say as we ride the car
on our way home.

It felt nice,
being with a boy like this
after two years.
I remember him still,
but the memories are faded.

Have you ever wondered
about us?
What could have been...
You know?
I smile at you.
Nod. Yes. I have.
I gaze on the windshield.

It felt nice,
hearing you question me
about what I feel towards you.

I, to be honest, have always wondered.
I feel like sleeping.
So I close my eyes
and lean on the window.

It felt nice,
listening to you confess
while I am having a good rest.

Come here,
you say as you touch my face,
ever so softly,
and made me lean on your shoulder.

It felt nice, you see,
being with you.
A boy who makes me feel
protected and warm.
A boy, just like him.

We're almost there,*
you say as you tap my cheek
Did I sleep?
Because I don't know
if I was dreaming
or just thinking
that he was the one with me,
not you.
Thanks for the ride.
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