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  Nov 2014 Lynn MacKinnon

I recall seeing golden fields
basking beneath sunset wishes
and dragonfly dances
on a canvas of nature’s own hand
painted in fantasy brush strokes

tree lines waving at blue skies as
autumn leaves created a vibrant landscape
like so many colorful kites
floating aimlessly on a cool breeze
sifting through pumpkin patch mazes

chilly days inviting snowflake flurries
from alabaster hydrangea clouds
silently sailing above pine cone hillsides
welcoming evergreen aromas
and fireside smoke streams reaching

today as I gaze through moistened eyes
blurred moments hover like heavy drape cloaks
coating my visions in broken heart darkness
and I realize, without you
I now see nothing…at all
Lynn MacKinnon Nov 2014
All cars flow down the same mainstream of the expressway,
And meet for a while, traveling the same road.
They ride side by side touching for a brief span of time, being under one  fellowship.

Then the expressway divides and fellow travelers go their own ways, never having met but yet together.
They divide never to see each other again or meet and yet they have touched each others' lives.

And also they were once under one divine hand with the same pre-determined destination.
Now they part and go different ways, yet they are still protected by one hand.
Written when I was in my late teen years.  Some of the expressways were just being started.
Lynn MacKinnon Oct 2014
Ghosts, goblins, skeletons, witches, black cats
A quarter moon, cloudy, rainy, dark night, scurrying rats
Spooky houses, gooey hands, sweet candy, people jumping, lights flashing
Screams of terror, evil laughing, smoky smells, lightening, cars crashing
  Sep 2014 Lynn MacKinnon
Muggle Ginger
If you are uncomfortable when you look in the mirror,
keep in mind:
We spent thousands of years
trying to convince the earth
she was flat.

We wrote her maps as evidence of the things we saw;
and she believed them.
She cried tsunamis, and had earthquake breakdowns.

Keep in mind: the Sun never gave up hope.
The earth will keep spinning and breathing
the star-dusty space void of encouragement.

Next time you look in the mirror
and second-guess your potential divinity,
remember you will keep shining and living.

Because the Sun is out there
believing in you,
compensating for lack of the human capacity
to treat each other empathically.

You don’t need proof or approval
to be exactly what you are;
Eventually everyone will see
your infinite beauty.
  Sep 2014 Lynn MacKinnon
Towela Kams
And when you fall
Get right back up
People aren't
Always there
To pick you up
Too busy
Or whatever
Just get up
Someone will appreciate
Your worth, one day.
And you'll be glad
You'll realise
That all you did
Was a path to them
In disguise
I'm 14, don't freakin' judge me. :3 This was a random thought, oh well.
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