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Yeah, it hurts, but it's true, I shouldn't care, but I do
I hide who I'm inside, like I've got something to prove
But what I've learnt is that pretending ends up bad for my health
What's the point of being if I'm not being myself?
I'm suffocating but not from the smoke in my lungs
I haven't taken a breath since you told me I'm not the one

Your face was content and your words didn't stumble
while my breath caught as my world started to crumble

There was no hint of sympathy as you spoke the words
as if you were blinded to see how much this would hurt

I can feel my heart clench as my vision becomes blurry
You become nothing more than an echo repeating "I'm sorry"

My thoughts are stunned silent and my knees began to shake
yet my feet are paralyzed as I watch you walk away

Physically and emotionally, I've never been in this much pain

As I watch you one last time,

I wonder if I'll ever be able to love again..
If today's the day I go insane
Please tell my mom and dad I'm not in pain
And tell my sister not to do the same
I drink my coffee in the morning
I brush my teeth before bed
I fake a smile to keep the sad thoughts
Out of my head
I sit outside and watch the world spin
I bet you probably moved on
But I still can't seem to sing
Hmm, anything but this song

I've asked my therapist, my mom and dad the same
I've asked my friends and fam, they all say I'm to blame
I've spent all this time pretending I'm okay
Well, I'm not okay

Today might be the day I go insane
The day I go insane
That'll be the day, today might be the day
The day I go insane

It'll probably be the best day in my life
I'll be rid of all my problems, I'll be rid of my strife
And I can't even fix an issue by just sayin' "Good night"
And I don't even got to worry if I'm wrong or I'm right
And when I argue with my darkest side, it's comin' to light
I'd rather have 'em call me crazy, than have another fight with you
This mind of mine is mine to lose, it's true
  Feb 24 officixllxvxrboiii
Bring it on.
   The sound, a tornado to the eyes, a lightning to the ears.

Pick it up.
   The memories of family dining, the painted pictures on drywall plaster.

Look upon it.
   It's a danger zone, a minefield, where one misstep will lead to shards of bitter voices and angry threats stabbing the sole.

Put it away.
   What can't be fixed, can be hidden, in deception, in the panic of another storm.

Forget about it.
   Another order, another smash, another plate, another heart put in the trash.
Cross my heart and hope to die
I’ve felt this pain a million times
I say I’m good but it’s a lie
I wish you knew how I felt inside

80 in the whip as the rain hits my windshield
Driving fast to escape how I really feel
I would tell you but that’s a big deal
You don’t see what I see that’s how I feel

Hit the gas and I’m floating now
Text you back and hoping now
You stay with me you don’t *** around
I don’t know where I’m going now
I’m always chasing you around
You pull me down when I’m off the ground
Playing games like cat and mouse
One time just come around
I’m a get so high like
The skylight
You tell me I’m a down guy
Girl yeah is you down tonight
Go and get it till the sky rise
We gon get it like the high rise
All the way up to the top
Baby girl we don’t gotta stop
I wish you knew..
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