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desolate Jan 2016
they said 'simple things matter'
and i think that's a lie
because my dear,
you are very complicated
yet you are what matters to me most
-- just a thought
desolate Jun 2015
I loved you most. With all my heart, with all I've got.
I loved you, ever only you. And still, I deeply do.
desolate May 2015
Going through the process of what's called as moving on
Even when I'm aware that my heart still wants you so
Rejecting all the emotions that I still feel for you
And refusing to act upon what I foolishly want to do
Lying to myself and thinking I'm finally okay
Denying how much I still hope you stayed
Instead of choosing to break my heart and leave
Nostalgic still, to the thought of what had been
Even when I shouldn't bother anymore
-- an acrostic for the one person who makes me lose and find myself at the same time.
Love, s
desolate Apr 2015
You my dear, are tremendously, tragically, unknowingly torturing me.
desolate Mar 2015
But I wonder when thy heart will stop wandering
Or longing for what is wrong--I am suffering
The thought of you and I is constantly haunting
Every action or sight leads to remembering
Whilst the heart I never could own is rejoicing
As it sings lovely songs, and as birds are humming
Around it, all seems perfectly fine and pleasing
Thy heart that I yearn notices not the lightning
Within thy thoughts, whilst thy memories keep running
Thy heart lost in deep despair, bit by bit breaking
Losing all pieces till it is but mere nothing
Since thy day you have chosen to leave me hanging
But thou can conclude that you are the most confused
You know not what you want, or feel for who you've used
- s (we talked about sonnets at school today and I thought about you)
desolate Mar 2015
You'd always leave me
And you'd always come back
Making sure you've taken everything
And that there's nothing else left
desolate Mar 2015
Having an immeasurably bountiful amount of care for what does not deserve it
Or inexistent care for what is worth being valued
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