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Jules Jun 2017
and yet still apart.

we count our time in
and are envious of the ones who stay.

always wanting more,
but never getting enough.
i haven't seen my boyfriend in over a month and i miss his presence terribly.
Jules Jun 2017
in my dreams
we glide in the air,
as if we are birds from another world.
we wear the moon on our wrists,
the suns in our hearts,
and the stars in our eyes.
in my dreams
we exist as nothing,
and as everything.

and in my dreams
i have loved you for an eternity.
  Mar 2016 Jules
rained-on parade
If love means having to burn this much,
then tell the moon
I'm the sun.

And I'm never going to sleep.
And what of his longing to exist?
Jules Mar 2015
12 a.m
between the sheets
hunger hanging in the air
you reach for me
as i reach for you
you are the flame and i am the wick
Jules Mar 2015
i bare myself whole
put my insides on display
i ask politely that if you come
you have to stay

it's been a while
you came and went
i knew the risk and i played the game
i had hoped i would win
but i lost anyway
nothing good ever stays
  Mar 2015 Jules
emily grace
i just wish i knew
why you gave me flowers
voluptuous and full of colour
and left
as soon as they started to fade
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