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Sulaiman Jun 2020
I Love You!!!....
Its all there
Sulaiman Jun 2020
How do i know?
I wake up without you but wanting you,
More days are growing apart
But by each day i love you more.

Instead of fading away
The love builds more
And get stronger by the second.
Call me crazy,
I call it  
You being the love of my life.

So how do i know?
Every life in me loves you
Thats how i know.
True love, one true love
Sulaiman Jun 2020
You cry so so much more about the past way more in the future.
Sulaiman Jun 2020
True love is like night and day,
You always guaranteed that its there.
As much as you sure that night will come, day will come,
So should you be guaranteed that my love for you is always here.
Waiting for you here like
Night and Day....
Sulaiman Jun 2020
Saying i love you is not all.
Doing the actions ain't enough too.
But seeing through my silent self and connecting with my soul will feed your soul of the love i have for you.

This love is better not said about,
It can only be felt soul to soul.
For love is soul food.
  Jun 2020 Sulaiman
jeffrey conyers
I need you.
But I won't tell you.
Like before I pretend to be self-sufficient.

I want you.
But I won't tell you.
Even if warned I should tell you.

I will keep my wants and needs within my head.
A secret that only I will know so well.

I love you.
This I know deep down inside.
But this I will tell you because you make me smile.
Sulaiman Jun 2020
To be loved is good
To love is greater.
Its good to have someone who makes your life worth living
But its greater to make someones life worth living.
To be fulfilled feels good
Just fulfilling someone feels greater.
Its greatness to be able to love someone.
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