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N May 8
i dated an artist once
he murmured beautiful words into my ear
meaningless words
shaped me into the perfect muse
then he left me
this is an unfinished draft but i accidentally made it public
N May 8
i don't love you.
i don't want you.
i don't need you.
so why do i dream of you?
i thought i would stop missing you...
N May 8
We were birds
perched upon the sycamore tree,
looking onto the horizon.
Gone in the winter winds,
back in springtime,
Where the grass goes green
and the flowers bloom.
Sunlight shines through the branches
where we once sat.
Stay with me,
under the sycamore tree.
I'll hold you close,
and we could be one.
N Apr 18
Oh, éclipse lunaire
Seule sous ta lumière
Y a-t-il quelqu'un ailleurs
Peut être un autre reveur
Qui regardera la lune avec moi
N Apr 18
Her pale blue eyes
holding back
swimming pools,
even oceans
of tears.
Once she starts crying,
she will never stop.
N Apr 16
It's a disease.
They want to fix me.
Cure me.
Maybe I am sick,

but I love it
N Apr 15
Bloodstains on the white carpet
She lies supine, gaze fixed on the ceiling
Smothered by an infinite ocean of red
Never to be seen again
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