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Luna Pan Jan 7
You are my favorite song the one that i always listen and never tired of. I'm stucked in your melody, even though you are gone your music still plays in my head and the worst thing is even though you are gone i don't want this melody to stop.
Luna Pan Jan 7
i was 13 when i first met you
we were just two kids trying to survive

i was 14 when i fell in love with you
on those sleepless night while watching movies

i was 15 when you left me for her
and broke my heart for thousands times

i was 16 when you came back
and tried to vacation on me

i was 17 when i tried to forget you
and fooled myself saying that i'm better without you

i was 18 when you ruined my life completely
and lost all my hope for love

now i'm 19 and i'm totally over you
and i've got someone who makes me believe in love
and for the first time i feel free
Luna Pan Jan 7
he was intelligent
but he was a damaged one

she was kind
but she was a complicated one

they were almost in love
but their story wasn't made for this life
Luna Pan Dec 2019
you are going from parties to parties concerts to concerts
staying at other girls houses
talking to the hipsters
smoking winstons
trying to exhale your problems
holding your cigarette instead of holding me
forgetting that you got a girl at home
waiting for you
Luna Pan Dec 2019
almost is the saddest word in the world
i was almost happy
he was almost made it
and you were almost loved me
Luna Pan Dec 2019
You loved her, you loved her so much that you wasted me.
You thought that i was her, but i'm not her.
I'm much more than her.
I'm a combination of twisted mind and a beautiful heart.
Luna Pan Dec 2019
i enjoyed losing myself, always putting you first, because i know that the more i was further from myself i was getting more close to you
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