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I should be given the gold medal for creating misconceptions
Cause i always accidentally start misunderstandings
With my poor word structure
A sad excuse for a poet like me
 Nov 2015 KD
 Nov 2015 KD
I want the unknown
The mysterious adventure
All the unexplained feelings
And the untitled relationship

I want to not know what we'll do
Not know everything about you
But just enough to actually know you

So take me
To a place unknown to me
Make me feel feelings I've never felt
And experience life beyond normal
Short little 3 AM poem :)
Real poets support each other
And make sure they both walk out of the fire together unscathed
Changing the world in an unimaginable ways
I could go on for days
On how special that would be
To paint on a board and present it to the world
Plant the seed and watch it grow
We're waiting.
Probably my favorite write in a few weeks.
 Oct 2015 KD
Kristie Aragon
I did not give up. I let go. They are two different things. Letting go is the opposite of giving up. Letting go is moving forward. Letting go is going against every single heartbeat, swallowing every tear, cutting every string. Few people realize this, but letting go takes more courage, more strength, than holding on.
 Oct 2015 KD
Mystery Girl
I don't think you tried hard enough
Celebrating lonely nights
You could have had another
Random 2 hour conversation
If you had just picked up the phone
All you had to do was call
Talk to me
But you didn't
And all this is
Is back and forth
I don't believe your feelings
And I don't know my own
The world can watch all they want
You could shout from the mountains
And I still don't think I'd believe you
You'll probably always be another ****** bag
A little more than a little
And the fall in love part
I don't think happened
Don't know if it ever will
But good luck changing
Trying to be a man
A woman would be proud to love
You're probably going to need it
But so what if I'm stubborn
It makes me less likely to get hurt again
And all this back and forth
Ought to tell you
That you don't be me that well
So you can't tell me
You know what I feel
 Oct 2015 KD
Blackbird Love
 Oct 2015 KD
Blackbird Love
Hypothetically speaking, if i could rewind time
I'd pause in the middle of seperation
And maybe you'd be real this timeĀ 

Hypothetically of course, there wouldn't
Have been a break up . about your feelings
I couldnt care ... and in your arms ...
I wouldnt wish you were there

Hypothetically of course, i wouldn't
Crave your embrace . you wouldn't
Have went from meaning to much to me ...
To just a random face

With chemistry at first sight
I was bonded to you by a force .
If i cared about you i'd miss you ...
Hypothetically of course
Too many boys made you feel like the grass in Texas
You should be loved for what's inside your head and heart.
They discovered water on Mars
Just how like i want to discover the future with you.
Whoever it may be.
Lets find out
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