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Luke Kerzich Nov 2019
You're parasitic,
So acidic
You burn through my tongue
And deflate my lungs,
But you're always there
And I always care
Even though you're nothing more than
Spare feelings I thought I needed.
Luke Kerzich Jul 2019
I don't know how you came back in,
Whether you slithered through slits in my skin folds
Or slipped back on the ***** into the same hole
That once upon a time we used to call love,
But is now a void of null emotions,
An "impenetrable bubble" that only one person could ever pop;
But yet you managed to do so twice.

Shame on my optimistic past.
Luke Kerzich Jul 2019
The bitter melancholy
Stings the open wound on my lip,
Bit through the parched skin;
Words which I tartly exhale
Only find their way out
After catching;
Perhaps my mouth would be best
Kept closed.
Luke Kerzich Jun 2019
The words that trickle through your gullet,
Just to pour out your mouth,
Either mean absolutely nothing or absolutely everything,
Whether regurgitated or not;
I just hope you find your balance again...

Luke Kerzich Jun 2019
There were times that I slept
As nothing greater nor nothing less
But when the times came that I dreamt
There was no way to supress
My thoughts of you as something more...
Until every color finally digressed
And I was left, staring
At your outline.
Luke Kerzich Jun 2019
The sky is aligned
In an array of blues and pinks
Almost like the hue of cotton candy,
But perhaps a more somber tone
Than the sweet I would eat
Under the red and white cone
They called a circus tent.
Luke Kerzich Jun 2019
There are some nights I remember you,
Never sure if I want to.
Perhaps if your memory would pass,
Life could elapse at a quicker pace;
Or perhaps that day was always meant to stay
In touch;
I suppose that's why it would matter so much,
But not as much as today,
When I would remember you.
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