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Ludlow Jul 24
they stood outside the stadium
without a clue
broken by numbers
sober as the moon

every one of them
hollow in the wind
watching their hands

Ludlow Jun 10
remember the folk singer
in the Dallas airport?

it’s like that
without the sound track.
Ludlow May 3
poor Hamlet
lost in his nutshell
a pawn
in the empire of the tattooed

      "digitus infamis"

dispatched by ragged luck


one long slog.
Ludlow Nov 2018
they heard music and walked to the Plaza to watch a troupe of Native Americans
dancing for a crowd of tourists. a woman with shocking white hair was laughing

into her camera. the music came from an antiquated boombox the size of a small Japanese sedan. the city floated on the earth’s crust like a plate of cheese nachos.
  Nov 2018 Ludlow
Sarah Clark
in memoriam rhymes
with crematorium.
when I die I want to be
chemtrailed over my
favorite city.

what if I want to be co-opted?
i'm a less is more person,
but that’s all a ways off...
Ludlow Nov 2018
watching Zïzëk expound
upon the death of capitalism
when the router crashes
and turns the philosopher
into frozen pixels
leaving the rest of us
with something to do

besides Wifi philosophy.
Ludlow Nov 2018
the movie about the hurricane
dragged into tomorrow —
somebody lied to the animals.

when the sun cracked
everybody laughed.

a voice on the radio said,
carbon …. it’s all about carbon!

jack rabbits wander the cold penumbra
by forty.
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