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No one can be louder or quieter than the one
But everyone can be the one of the gift
the son of god is the sun of god the daughter is the earth ...but just my thoughts
and imagination is infinite
like the daughter
just my thoughts
and water is conscienceness
so we are one with the one
sorry bout this
i think the land is made from sea and floats on infinite water conscienceness
the same as us walking on her skin
i keep seeing a single drop of water falling from a great height infinity into a very skill pool a great conscienceness
a great stillness
in my minds eye inside in all of me
its like an explosion/implosion of infinite words songs joy music expression chords harmony simplicity
it overflows my life its inside me all about me
everywhere i go
like a river of eternal peace
a harmonic simplistic tune of merriment and joy
express it in words in emotion lucy entice it in to harmony
set it free
tickle the words from your soul
laugh them out
make love make peace make harmony be true to yourself
and the creation mother father god simple spirit of love that you trust
that really in your heart you trust
i'm better with words than lots of other things
use it well lucy
or else
Tears love
Said the ocean of stars in front of her eyes
She cannot see her own reflection, whispered the storm
To see yourself you only need look
A hummingbird said near to her heart

Feel the river in your heart
Let not what you are fall apart like driftwood
You can only be you so accept it

From the darkness is born light
Fear it not for it is part of you
There is no evil only false destinations

Dissolve the clay of the system so it cannot bind you
Rules are chains
Immoral rules are banishment from heaven

Break the chains of immoral behaviour to enter paradise
You’re alive are you not, then you must matter, make it sow
Without the courage to change there is no future for us

The earth will carry on regardless
She may be your mother but she is no fool
To exist is the greatest gift direct from god

Lucy Marie Maund – #lmmaund
No one can be louder or quieter than the one
But everyone can be the one of the gift
In This Time Of Now

To a time and place to know thyself
There is a field in a dream in a meadow
To know thyself
There is water in the rain in the trees in the soil
To know thyself

As the clouds pass the fury of the mountain valleys
Balancing the arguments of long forgotten gods
Let us pray
To know thyself

When the single teardrop of the creator
Falls into the ever present now
When glass eyes melt into love
When we talk in our dreams
To know thyself

When we wake in the morn and take in the new day
To know thyself

Under the eyes of the sun of god
Living with the daughter of god
Inside gods dream
To know thyself

Imaginations imagination imagining imagination forever

To know thyself

To pray to dance to sing to laugh to cry
To know thyself

Communication in the key of love
Gods Child
To know thyself
Love Is A Reflection Of Love
every corruption to bee undone
every used persons pain revealed
no thing hidden
no more using innocence to get your own way
bad memories vanquished so the mother can heal
bad actions taken back for all souls to heal
apologies from the selfish devil in all sentient beings
apologises to the self for wasting its time
no more master to lead people astray
people to follow their true heart their true path
without hoards of converted god children in their way
no more dark thoughts
no more ecstatic hysterical thoughts
no more used no more poor no more ignored no more elite
our only goal to live as one with the land
has been usurped
it is time time is time past present future now forever
we will listen to our hearts to our imaginations to nature
each vibrant connection showing its true purpose
as a waterfall of passion we will rain holy water so the land can heal full of love
as the stars of heaven vibrate our soul being into the now so that our eyes may see
god will touch our hearts and fill us with purist devotion
no other path only love love love
like teardrops in the rain of the glory of love
as we gather to the calling holding hearts in loves passion
as the wind rises to great the morn as the moon folds back time and space leaving the ancestors in our hearts
for we are the ancestors we are the dream we have gone nowhere but here for this is our home
light be the eyes of the children of god for now they see their true path
as the flute breaks the beautiful silence the trumpets of creation shall fill the soul unending and the trees shall renew
holing out our hands to the heaven embracing the light of god our hearts shall become one as the light of heaven and us rejoice in a common bond of pure friendship respect and love
may peace rain the glory of love into your heart now and forever
ps ...did i say heaven god love too much - nah
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