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 May 2017 lucy winters
We sat on the floor
You and me
I still feel like a young girl
And you still act like a young man
We sat on the floor
You and me
You said you forget the bad
And only hold on to the good.
We smiled and I saw myself
Within you.
There are lines forming around our eyes.
Nearing 30, you and me...

"Do you know what happens, when you ignore all the bad?"

He said he didn't know

you drift apart slowly, until there's nothing left to remember except the bad

But we didn't know that
When we were younger.
We didn't know.
 Apr 2017 lucy winters
Living on a shoestring, but
I'm enjoying my Spring Fling
I called out this morning
Into the emptiness
Of my rearranged bedroom
Pet name
And you didn't come around the corner
To greet me
With your grizzly face

Today I miss you
I long for the moments
Where we behaved like infants
But I remember
Like whiplash
The hardships
And the pet names
And tears
 Apr 2017 lucy winters
Stu Harley
love is
a battlefield
dry her lonely tears
 Apr 2017 lucy winters
it's all very quiet,
very human,
very desperate,
i am whole when you
are here, i am half when
you are away.
oh shut up
 Apr 2017 lucy winters
Old age has its  advantages
I find it harder
to remember what it
I was trying  to forget
 Apr 2017 lucy winters
 Apr 2017 lucy winters
I still wonder
about that doe I found
in the barbed wire

I walked a long ways
until the sun rose
and sat like a Catholic

two racks of antlers
and a mantle full of bones
I found on the flat place
in the mountains of home

and the real buck had a stand
off with the dream one
locking horns over the genre
of their death songs

and the pure beautiful
stink of the doe

songs that went down in history
oh, kind of like a river
unwritten by itself

like the good soil your boots steal
when it rains and paradise
sleeps in like a bitter star

we wash from our hands
traveling past the wet
and forbidden lands
of our youth, dark
and amazed in those days

when fences and boundaries
were strange and meant
to be taken down and not fixed
for the free to be found in.
Partly true, probably still so. I still wonder about that doe.
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