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Lucy Carter Sep 2016
Your presence seeps into my system
As I breathe you in
Close, warm skin
Fingers bonded together
I want you to hold me forever
Eyes always cease the need for words
Our love story would be too beautiful
that's why it could never be heard
Lucy Carter Sep 2016
Help me up off my feet
usually dancing so free
Pick me up my dear
just for me.

They're not as free as they used to be
I'm tired and blue
But they may dance again
Be free again just for you.

So hold me and show me this long forgotten land
I want to tango and waltz,
and run through the sand
Can you help me get up
and hold my hand?
Lucy Carter Aug 2016
The beast was fierce
Outside of fire
Boldly seeking
He bared no bones
But kissed so tenderly
It was always believed his heart was pure
Lucy Carter Aug 2016
Do you think of me
when snow falls soft upon you
cooling your warm skin?

Do you think of me
when rain falls hard upon you
washing away pain?

Do you think of me
when gentle breezes caress
like I think of you?
Lucy Carter May 2016
At least that's what it seems to be...

We're distant,
But not too far away,
I crave for your touch,
Every single day,

We're tortured,
Consumed in pain,
You not being with me,
Is driving me insane,

We're in fear,
That we might not be,
Without each other,
We're never in peace,

We're addicted,
Don't feel complete,
My wild heart is beating,
Come save me,please,

Our own world,
Our own obsession,
Thats what it seems to be,

— The End —