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 Mar 2017 Lucky Queue
Mike Hauser
Remember the day
They took the pain away
And turned us all oxymoron's
Visiting our own graves

The walking dead
And to think we thought
They gave us back our lives

Trampled by the pills
That they prescribed
Pay the pusher
The greatest price
It'll be alright

When it's hard to swallow
When that ain't enough
Find an uncaring vain
And start shooting up

Who could have known
They'd throw us the longest curve
When the disease turn out to be
What we thought the greatest cure
careful I was, not to step on the ants
on the trail--a red commando column, carrying crumbs
to their busy mound, on auto pilot  

feet from their hidden queen, a felled oak,
infested with termites, gorging themselves
on its dying flesh, a cellulose feast  

one day soon, when rain carries workers
off their course, these two industrious species shall meet
and their cryptic ******* will fail  

leaving them with the choice of fight or flight;
the former will prevail, for they can run but never hide,
from treachery that comes from so deep inside
 Feb 2016 Lucky Queue
Mike Hauser
Hello, this is Lonely calling...
Remember when we sat in your room and did nothing
We sat there for days with nothing to say
Then you found a friend and gave me away

I'm just calling to say that I want you back
I miss all the nothing in the nothing we had
I find by myself there's more nothing to do
Which makes me more lonely than I was lonely with you

Hello, this is Lonely calling...
I'm pretty sure this is your number I'm dialing
Are you so busy you can't give me the time
The least you could do is pick up the line

After all that you and I have been through
You'd think you could give me a minute or two
I guess if I had I could do with another
Could you dump your new friend and send them right over

Hello, this is Lonely calling...
How could you leave me this way without even knowing
All of the heartache that I would go through
Missing all of the nothing that we used to do

Hello, Lonely still here...
Just thought you should know if you even care
I certainly wouldn't have called so much if I had known
That what you most wanted from me was to be left alone
This popped up in my Facebook as a memory (one I don't even remember) so I figured if I don't you won't either! #newtoyou
 Jan 2016 Lucky Queue
M Clement
I haven't written in a long time.
The slave-driving mind of mine forces these chained hands
into spilling ink to canvas.

The woods are crawling with impossibilities,
as the nowhere home calls me evermore.

I walk a distance to find myself back at the entrance of it all.
The alpha, the beginning.

Is this growth? Is this monumental?
We give credence to paper.
It's no longer a tool for survival, but a god in our pockets.
A Christmas ******* miracle.
There are times where I'd like to cry,
But as a friend said, "my tear ducts were seared closed long ago."
The Forest crawls with impossibilities.
The trees beckon,
and I slowly begin again.
 Jan 2016 Lucky Queue
Something that isn't

Had to google it just to see
gone by in time and no longer existing.

Everything I am
No longer exists.  
******* scary
On the first day of x-mas
My ex wife gave to me
a card from her new attorney

On the second day of x-mas
My ex wife gave to me
Two weeks to leave
and a card from her new attorney

On the third day of x-mas
my ex wife gave to me
Three poloraids
two weeks to leave
and a card from her new attorney

On the fourth day of x-mas
my ex wife gave to me
Four hotel bills
Three polaroids
two weeks to leave
and a card from her new attorney

On the fifth day of x-mas
my ex wife gave to me
five ....oh hell
I was this time
who am I fooling

and a card from her new attorney
 Dec 2015 Lucky Queue
 Dec 2015 Lucky Queue
there we were under december lights and burnt out matchsticks,

looking like we've fallen in love tonight.

It was all eyelashes and hastiness drawn out.
You braided secrets & warm murmurs into my hair;
then a smirk into my left shoulder blade.

Your lips tasted like something,

I wanted more of.
A little cheekier than usual?
A very merry christmas, sunshines.
 Dec 2015 Lucky Queue
 Dec 2015 Lucky Queue
im sorry i jumped. im sorry i woke up one day and found myself being the lover before you were ready, and capable, of loving me.
im sorry i threw myself in, to drown in what i hoped would be, while all you did was swim.
and i realize now that maybe that's where i went wrong in all my past relationships.
maybe that's where i went wrong with you.
you loved me in june, and more in july, but the seasons have changed, and as fall came so did we. fall, to pieces, a part, and now here we are, scrambling to pick up pieces that no longer fit.
im sorry, but it's not like it ever mattered anyways with you.
i hope you are better
 Dec 2015 Lucky Queue
Mike Hauser
Right here right now I'll speak the truth
That I love me and you love you
Though we both know that it should be
I love you and you love me

As selfish as this all may sound
There's so much of it that goes around
If I don't love me then who will
I'm the only one that fits the bill

What we say and what we do
Is not so much the hidden truth
It's easy to be apart of the group
Of I love me and you love you

I'm sure it comes as no surprise
The way we feel in our own eyes
No need to look around and see
I only want what's best for me

It's in the nature of this man
To want to be the main event
Yet still there's hope one day we'll see
That I love you and you love me
 Dec 2015 Lucky Queue
Mike Hauser
Wait a minute, is it already Christmas again
Seems I just took down the lights and the tree
Is there no rest for the downtrodden and weary
This season sometimes takes the Merry Gentleman out of me

So I load up the sleigh with the dog and the kids
The old beat up station wagon I drive
On the hunt for this years perfect tree
We'll be lucky if we make it back home alive

As we jingle all the way to the local tree farm
Six kids and a dog singing at the top of their lungs
With only twelve days left before Christmas
My **, **, **, is already long gone

Picking the best tree out within our budget
My wife says Charlie Brown would be proud
I ask smarty pants Mrs. Santa what she meant by that
She'd rather not say with the little elves around

Before an argument even ensues
I've lost the battle before I hit the front line
You wonder how I'm so confident of that
The same thing happened last year at this time

As I struggle to get the tree off the roof of my jalopy
While Jack the dog in the frost is nipping at my toes
I fall to the ground with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head
Waking up to the dogs frozen tongue stuck up my nose

Finally with the tree set up in the front parlor
I notice it leans bad to one side
Taking my chainsaw to alleviate the problem
The gas fumes **** my kids parakeet out right

With Hobby Lobby open late for the holidays
I was able to purchase the product I need
Working late into the wee morning hours
I did a good job shellacking the parakeet

I'm not sure that my kids even noticed
Or brought up the question what for
But they sure like the shinny new ornament
Hanging next to the hamster that disappeared the year before

Well, I survived another preparing for Christmas
As subconsciously I'm being led
To wrap myself in last years present "The Snuggie"
And dream of those sugar plums dancing in my head
Some poems just deserve a yearly mention....
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