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sophia Nov 2017
my love was like a delicate rose that blossomed so purely during the summer solstice. you’d spot it so easily in any garden that you’d think it was ordinary. as the days went by, it grew more and more unlike every other that loses petals quickly, even before the sun rises. its blossoming red coloured petals never flinched, nor dropped, not even an inch. every year it blooms beautifully just like the both of us.

you are my summer rose.
sophia Oct 2017
they glow like two glistening moons spun together against the night sky and the stars would admire how bright they are
and would compare them to lost angels finding their way back together.

they would stun me, like starlight and when up against each other, they would fall on me like stardust.

he, my boy, was the vast galaxy and the stars were his ever glowing heart forever gliding with shine, accompanying the two moons, forming smiles like never seen before.
sophia Oct 2017
I could travel from miles away holding the same book but the feel of every page will never grasp my heartfelt grip of this certain chapter and i’m not moving on, never again.

he’s my favourite story.
sophia Oct 2017
a touch of heaven lingered against my fingertips when i felt a light strongly brush against my hands. when i saw him, with eyes of love expressed in the corners of his undeceiving pupils; my heart stopped.
never have i seen eyes that could capture every inch of my soul and at that moment, i knew
it was him.
sophia Sep 2017
the scorch never cluttered your prevailing mind as your flowers grow beneath the sunlight. bold and undaunted, you combat storms and racing cattle, never laying against the ground.
sophia Sep 2017
every morning i wake up half asleep wishing i could hear your voice instead of a longing weep. everyday i miss you, but the boy that filled my heart will always be here.

and i know that my love will never fall apart.
sophia Sep 2017
the morning star swells
as i live another day
still in love with him
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