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You’re as good as your word, you know?

Let me put in a word here …
If my word-of-mouth
Be not the right word
Don’t dare breathe a word.
Not a word, I say.
Do I have your word?
No, don’t say a word.
But if word has it …
In other words
If word is out
That you did not keep your word,
I’ll take their word for it.
Without a word,
You’ll pay for breaking your word.
Yes, I mean every word of it.
I trust you understand this –
Our brief exchange of words?
Good now repeat after me word for word…

Please … can I get a word in edgeways?
Upon my word
You have my word
I’ll not let out a word,
My solemn word
That a worse wordsmith than you
Can ever be found.
My word! Such frippery wordplay
I have not heard till this day!

I see … spitting words at me!
Crossing swords with words with me?
No mince of words too, I see.
You think you’d have the last word? … Nah!
You’ve just put more words into this mouth of mine.
A word of advice, if I may…
Your word weighs not against my word
My word counts.
So watch it, watch it, watch it,
Better mind my words!

— The End —