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Janine Sleiman May 2018
with a tight smile and bleeding palms
a broken heart and shattered mind
she tells you she loves you as if its the last time
knowing her efforts were in vain
and you couldn't care to explain
Janine Sleiman May 2016
Part 1
"Why do you care about him so much?"

Because he never broke his promise, he never left.

"Not yet"

Part 2
"he'll break your heart you'll see"

and that's why I can't fall in love.

Part 3

"Do you still care? Even now after he broke his promise ?"

You were right, he broke his promise and I fell in love.
  Jun 2015 Janine Sleiman
I am sorry that I am trying so hard to fit in.
I know that I am not good publicity.
No news is good news.
No fool is worth a second chance.
  Jun 2015 Janine Sleiman
She's more than beautiful:
mysterious, ****, sweet, charming...
She's everything you could ever imagine
and more than that, too.

Every eye is on her when she enters the room.
She breathes out fire,
fills your lungs with burning desire;
Scorching flames you better hold behind clenched teeth.

No one says a thing about her;
She could hang their name with just one comeback.
If that doesn't work,
she's got a poisonous glare and a collection of brass-knuckle promise rings.
"The bruises really bring out the blue in your eyes,"
but only if you aren't playing nice.

No one can keep their heart beating right;
She takes your breath away, no matter who you are.
To see her vulnerable,
what a rare sight to behold.
Keep your fantasies under control.
If you try to rescue her, she'll never forget, always regret you.

Now the pain in her black eyes,
the sway in her hips as she walks away,
don't make me the same kind of weak anymore.
Nothing is worse than being blessed by the angel that I wrecked.
Please just take my advice.

A dream come true
haunts me in my nightmares.
So save your dreams of her
for sleeping at night.
  Jun 2015 Janine Sleiman
Joel Frye
isn't it odd
how we can know
human nature
well enough
to write poems
that move others
to tears
yet must hear
the words of others
to cry
Peter, Paul and Mary - "No Other Name"
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