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lucia vieites Dec 2015
It must be a thrill until you realize that poison kills
i might as well have just swallowed a million pills
there must have been a feeling spill inside me
i couldn't see your danger because you were so hypnotic,
but it took me too long to realize that you're hemotoxic
its as if you sent off an atomic bomb in my body, my eyesight went foggy
my heart began to race
as the venom paced through my veins
i felt faint and began to slip away
my skies went from blue to grey
the simple glow of the sun's rays became darker instead of brighter
I'm not a snake charmer
I'm just a writer calling upon a desire, but that lured in a spider, which brought in a viper.
your venom is a lake of oxytocin
and I'm here dozin' off with words about how much i love you
but all you wanted was a sight of my heart, so you can take a bite, and ruin me for life.
i had fallen in love with something that was trying to **** me,
like a fly falling in love with a cloth whirling at it because of the gusts of winds it brings to its wings
we should have been happy, like birds that were free to sing
but my chirp was barely even a hoot
as if its vocal chords were ripped out and gone mute
you're no frog that can turn into a prince
i just had to step back and convince myself that no matter how hard i fall, you're still a venomous snake after all.
lucia vieites Jun 2015
My mind boggled and my fingers trembled, my heart stopped and lips went numb when I said "I love you"
It baffles me how a trillion feelings are all compacted into 3 simple words
How all I can do is smile when he laughs so hard, a vein pops out of his temple
How he turns all my devils and flames into angels and clouds
When he touches me, I get cold and a million butterflies fly all over me
and all he makes me think is "What if this is meant to be?"
How do a trillion feelings fit into an 8 letter phrase, but more so a 4 letter word?
because this tiny but mighty force is strong like a sword, harmful but graceful, depending on the hand that wields it.
I guess this is how
L is for a 90-degree angle, which means it must be right when you say it
O is because if it's meant to be, it will always find a way, no matter how many twists and turns
V is because, depending on which way you flip it, it can be greater than (>) or less than (<) any other force in the world
and E, because love is endless. When it's real, at least.
So, suddenly, all my risk had fallen into a great abyss and all that was left was the joy that left me without words when he held me in his arms, smiled at me, and whispered

"I love you too."
lucia vieites May 2015
I have trust issues.
not because I mistook a raisin for a chocolate chip,
but I mistook you as a person who wouldn't hurt me.
Who wouldn't let me be tortured under the world's pressures
You knew I was treasure but locked me away in your cheap jewelry box
So, when I was freed of a year's slavery,
I built my wall
Much taller and stronger than before,
just to hope  it'd scare away monsters like you from my door.
Until one learned how to climb.
In time, I let his angel face distract me from his devil's soul
But the guards of my heart blocked him out before I paid another toll.
My wall was built and rebuilt a million times
I installed the blinds and laid alone.
Until a price charming climbed along
or does he belong to those monsters?
My heart says no
but my trust issues say yes
what if he can actually break the spell placed on me?
lucia vieites May 2015
There are 7 wonders in the world
but I only have 6.
Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?
Who took our generation downhill?
What happened to the will and grace of the human race?
Suddenly, no one cares about ****** anymore.
No one is surprised to hear a woman drowned her own son
like crime is as normal is the sun rising in the east
and the least we can do is pay a little more attention to the news and not the tweets
but, I guess that's just become a snooze button to us
Like the evil deeds, groups are causing is less important than a dress
or how a celebrity saves her family from the lips of the ocean, but all anyone cares about is her "Nip slip" through the process
How did the world get like this?
How is it that there's more fruit in shampoo than a poor man's place?
Why does everyone want a clean slate when no one has an eraser?
Yes, maybe you want to erase her or him
but you can't because they're on twitter
suddenly, it's bitter-sweet
and all you worry about is having them sub-tweet you..
Plus, how about the troops?
We think we wear combat boots because it's cute
and "being there for your best friends" and "Lending a hand"
but THEY are the ones lending us a hand
and being without their homes so we have ours
but no. Kardashians and Jenners are more important..
when did the world get like this?
I wonder.
lucia vieites May 2015
She held herself high
that was until she was dragged into an all time low
she hoped to have run away from all the lies
until she noticed she was telling them left and right
staying out late at night hoping a light would light up her dull life
Everyone in town knew she was a bright girl
but no one knew the downward swirls she has when she's alone
or the thoughts she has that are nothing like the smooth jazz her parents expect
she's different
she feels like a mistake, a misprint
no one knows she feels like this
with her pretty face and good looks
she wishes it would stop and doesn't know how long it will last
maybe she just got fooled by her own mask.
lucia vieites May 2015
Put the gun down
wipe the frown off your face
I know you've had your taste of bad luck
and you just want to be tucked into the bed of peace
I know you want the pain to cease from the heavy rains falling down on you from head to toe
but, without these, how do you expect to see a rainbow?
A bad moment doesn't make it a day, a day a month, a month a year, a year. a life..
Now I know you're thinking of putting that knife on your skin but all you're doing is committing a sin
you need to understand, God knows you can handle this battle
I know you're an angel who wants to return to the clouds
but, no matter how loud you plead, it isn't your time to leave
so, don't leave the ones that love you.
Just put the gun down
lucia vieites May 2015
Because, not to be cocky, but I was the light in your life
sure, I was a bit messed up
but I wasn't the one holding the knife
you know, the knife you used to stab me in the back
now, I'm paralyzed.
I can't walk up to the thought of trusting someone the way I trusted you
So, look exactly what you made me do
now I'm worse, all thanks to you
I thought you loved me
but you can't let me be
now you torture  me
and why would this be happening?
because I said those words
the words that shot the relationship that once soared
and what did I say?
I said I love you
and I said it once more
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