aliyahv 6d
i feel so alone in red heaven
sweaters and black jeans galore
i bared my red face
as i went out of place
and hopped over the fence at the grocery store
my red bat fell straight to the ground
they all ducked and run as the hellion was found
right outside of the store
in red sweater galore
i returned my baseball bat
they laughed as i filled up my hat
with red sweaters and black jeans galore
i opened my eyes to blood on the floor
i dunno what this is i just feel red right now
aliyahv 6d
thank you
you held my hand as i cried
i sobbed,
"she lied,she lied,she lied"
you could feel my shaking breath
and feel how i wept
i felt gone i guess but you stayed
you never remember my name
but you stayed through my wave of pain
to make sure i was okay
i let the entire office fill with my rain
drowning them all in my ocean
but you floated
i appreciate that
you could have just left i'd have been fine with that
but you stayed
and you saved me
for another day.
thank you
time pt 2- thank you trent
aliyahv 6d
i stopped writing
the well was so full it overflowed
and the trees were killed one by one
i felt finished and defeated just as the rainforest fell
my heart is like the well that is now
empty,a hollow shell
im now half full instead of half empty
i see things without my eyes
my heart is dying rind of an orange
the mold poison you see
my hands are just legs of a spider typing and weaving its words
im no longer part of a person
im just a part of this world
time-thank you to my lunch table
aliyahv Nov 22
you promised to take me to the moon
i promised to take you to the isle
i brought you flowers,i picked on my own
you brought me a smile and words to hold
worlds apart even so close to home
i cant exactly hold your hand in my space suit
and besides i live in space
you can't love an alien
godspeed lovely
aliyahv Nov 21
they ask me
do you want to get better?
do you intend on bettering yourself?
will you get better?
truth be told
i dont know
i've bit at my nails till the blood runs down my wrist
i've cracked all my bones till my knuckles were red
i've dug at my skin till i bruise
and no answer draws from the marks i leave
so maybe they should leave me alone
because i cant write the answer in skin and bone
rough times lately
aliyahv Nov 14
reputable stigmata staining my hands like ink and bleeding through the paper back book of a story
on chapter fifteen
each word is made of blood
each page is just tears
writing out all of my deepest fears
fifteen she screams at the top of her lungs
the year when she refused to eat her birthday cake
afraid to gain back that weight
the year she sat in the back of the cop car
trying to run from home
the year her anorexia poked through the seams in her jeans
cutting and dicing her skin like elastic
stretching her mind out just like plastic
shes not a plastic toy
shes more like glass that cracked
  Nov 1 aliyahv
I think that
there'll never come a day
that I'll be able to return your love.

Because in order to do so
I have to love myself first.

And that's something
I can't see myself doing
even after a million years.

I'm sorry.
my ❤ ached while writing this
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