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lucav Mar 11
i can't quit living a lie
i've lived to tell my tall tales
holding my breath until i drop
waiting on my heart to stop
liar i guess
lucav Feb 6
let me
i'll let you
god i miss the way
you smiled
back when
i was only
your last words to me
lucav Feb 4
sick of you
and sick of me
put us out of our misery
for her
lucav Jan 29
does it matter if i'm the one for you
see she'll love you no matter what you do
and i'll always want you no matter what we go through
it's not enough for you is it?
seeing me cry because you treat me like ****
seeing her get fried because it's the only way she doesn't mind
funny huh
lucav Jan 28
god i wish you were mine
can't count the times
you were in my head
when i wished i was dead
i wished you were here instead
sad **** today boys
lucav Jan 28
the way she loves you
the way you want me
why'd you **** her over
messing with me
building up feelings
loving me for the night
hate me in the morning
i know i'm not your type and i know she's not either
hope you you crash and forget my name
funny right
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