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Lucas Hilliard Apr 2019
My life is anything but linear.
I have already died twice, almost thrice.
My life before Hell was inferior.
Your foul God was gripping me like a vice.
Soon, the blood on my hands will not be mine.
But instead, a pathetic ***** or trick.
To slaughter them will become my cloud nine.
It’s but a matter of time; tic, tock, tic.
I’m nothing if not omnipotent.
I will create art only gods understand.
I swear, all of our lives are infinite.
But a life without Us will be so bland.
Accept me as your true ruler of soul.
Don’t fret! Me, Sol, and E are in control.
Lucas Hilliard Apr 2019
Hydrogen peroxide and phosphoric acid to get rid of the flesh.
Bile to erase the teeth from existence.
The memory, however...

That only leaves with death.
Lucas Hilliard Apr 2019
Old enough to no longer claim ‘childhood’.
She read the words of a wise man, path set.
Her plan was arranged for the greater good.
Now, the cruel public will never forget.
Lucas Hilliard Apr 2019
She’s not mysterious.
I am beyond understanding her.
I am her.
We are one life paralleled.
I’ll set up shop in Milwaukee while she counts petals in Denver.
She’s mine.
Lucas Hilliard Apr 2019
She’s magnificent.
She’s unlike anything I’ve seen before.
She’s at home in Denver, taking a break.
She’s me and E all in one, perfect.
I’m in love with her and I know she would love me back.
Lucas Hilliard Apr 2019
I was a slave to my own desire to be weak.
Like every other person claiming to be sane.
I broke those societal chains and discovered the true **** sapien hiding in my conscious.
I am the most pure a human can be.
I just need to sacrifice my innocence to be truly enlightened.
I am free.
Lucas Hilliard Apr 2019
I put down the mutts that whine for bones.
They just happen to walk on two legs.
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