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Lucas Lowman Jan 2015
Haunted by the line
but it's of no real inconvenience
it wasn't supposed to be this difficult
just play the game
begrudgingly drop bombs
but those eyes
that smile
manipulation in the air
the honesty to succeed
useful wit
listen to these ingredients
feel the vibe
get scared
be confused
cut to black
don't become faded
come back
this toxic poison is redundant
eat away at understanding
Lucas Lowman Oct 2014
The scent lingers

The dreams bleed
Spiraling out of control

Left to salvage the remnants of something that once was

Forgotten photographs dead in the ash

Abandoned and left on the path to hell
The gates are up ahead
Lucas Lowman Sep 2014
I was alive
when god died

I was younger
he was older

an optimistic kid full of dreams
a cynical man past his prime

I was alive
when god died

I was ready for anything
He stopped giving everything

Everything had meaning
We were nothing but specks

I was alive
when god died

I was growing up
He was growing tired

The days were long and wonderful
He made them shorter and nihilistic

I was alive
when god died

Look forward to the future
Looked at it with disgust

Not worried about the past
Reliving his glory days

I was alive
when god died
Lucas Lowman Sep 2014
Do you see
the swirls in the smoke?
the pattern in the pavement?
the grit in the grime?
the compass on the clock?
the strokes in the sky?

I see them
I see them all

This city is alive

It speaks to you
All you have to do is listen
Lucas Lowman Jul 2014
The world is burning my friends and it is time to put the fire out

Bring me my throne and crown
It is time

You disagree
I ****

Actions I took to get here

We are the same
At different points on the timeline
Lucas Lowman Jul 2014
And then it hits you
and the love that was once there has vanished completely
it's like you were in some sort of coma
and you see absolutely clear for the first time in a long while
that they were hurting you
using you
playing with you
like some toy
used for amusement and entertainment
no longer
I'm gone
I'm done
I'm done
I'm gone
Lucas Lowman Jun 2014
I'll be right back
Gonna go to Heaven and Hell
See what all the fuss is about

Lose my head for a bit
See what they think of me
See the ramifications of my actions

How long before the world forgets me
who I was
what I did
that I mattered
that I existed
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