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I know that I can fall asleep in arms that aren't my own
but every time I wander off I end up in your throne
yet what's a king if folly be the only thing he seek
for I have heard the things he said when I was out of reach
his life commands a part of him I will not dare to claim
and all of it is more to him than I have ever been
my blood has boiled long enough for me to let the green
be something that was part of what I didn't want to be
so there he is and here I am - an almost circle's ring
I can't recall a single day remembering a thing
to read me.
Something told me to hold still when I met you, that it would only sting a little / like maybe the sea wasn't wet or something

daffodil midnights, upside down on the bottle, listening to my lips spill dread over your pretty hands, how my knees remind me that I can't reach them

I'm over feet
over toes / oh no here I go
overload I'm -
in-over my head I'm,
against my own limbs, sometimes

but it was only the wall
it's just a couch
a few shots, your jeans, my kingdom
2 airplanes, a couple of hours
my head in your hands
my heart on the floor
broken secrets, happy birthday
happy birthday
I love you, I loved you
I can't stop playing that goodbye
I told my mother's story in a way she never could
Surrounded by the present in a past misunderstood

they'll never want to know you and they'll never let you leave
so trust me when I tell you there is nothing left to see  
and even when the morrow brings another to your door
remember there's a person who is waiting at the shore

I traced my mother's words with such a careful steady hand
It's there they have remained, upon the patterns in the sand  
And they will not be washed away by anything that comes
They're written on my heart and can't be claimed by anyone
The tide is pulling faster and she told me that it would
Her life has told a story I have always understood
a woman who's taught me how to be
there's nothing more unusual than syllables and tones
the movements of the tongue that you can feel with all your bones
if we could be their master what a world we would create
a frequency identical to humans and their ways
where someone else's stories can be ones to call your own
the art of you believing you would never be alone
but even as you speak there is a purple on your words
the portrait of a shadow that should not have been disturbed
for while you're sleeping steady there's a face that's on the loose
with cadency unrivaled and a notion for the noose
the case is in the details, in the smallest of the small
and what is most important - we may never see it all
a feeling is a feeling but a purpose is the sea
so put it all together - it was real for you and me
my head has been expecting
something I cannot explain
a blending of the senses
to unsettle the mundane
and at the peak of madness
I will ask myself to leave
to tarry in the stillness
of my transient reprieve
I need to speak with someone
who would never do the same
a person with a body
that's forever His to claim  
I'll banter with my being
'til my words appear to be
a message to the people
of the soil and the sea
return to me the burden
that was light upon my back
I cannot be the human
I am ready to attack
for My yoke is easy and My burden is light (Matthew 11:30)
I cannot see the temple I was given long ago
Was buried through the winter then it melted with the snow
But every single summer when the earth receives the rain
I let myself believe I can be falling with its pain
Collected are the fragments of the person I have been
The water that belongs inside my coriander skin
The scent is something stronger than my memory recalls
But what is more familiar now that I can feel at all
Wherever there are bridges there my body also be
Above the rivers running while containing all of me
I've moved with all the seasons but I always end up here
Between the world that knew me and the place I disappear
I know you know
I layed beneath the summer sky
I took a breath, let out a sigh
And words from somewhere in my mouth
Released themselves into the clouds
I felt the dark upon my skin
Came there to try to settle in
With every limb I sought to be
Apart from what it did to me
I held my Spirit in my hands
It gently helped me understand
What I'd been seeking in my mind
Was everything I'd compromised
To smother light and hide my home
Had put me out where nothing glows
A single moment changed the way
I look at everything today
But just as I began to sink
I muttered words that turned to ink
The pen was never mine to hold
I gave it up and let it go
one terrible nightmare later
it is
in-between sentences
directing a conversation you can't have/
the need to protect the pride

Lie on something similar, like
thick grass; emptied cartons of
unfinished favors, leftover excitement/
somewhere else to put your perfect hands
silver, white seconds
pumping your gallop
against the lips, out loud
against the sureness of breath-beside-sleep
louder until we open up
breaking it down for my sanity
tell me you felt me, once
to my diaries of you
my need
dried coral reef
doesn't grow under palm trees, darling
pumped from
your need
& why you should be . . .
so very
so very

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