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I'm never more happy
Then when I hold my ukulele
She's a fine piece
And feels as good as gold
Always there for me
My stalwart lady
Strum or pick
She warms me from the cold

We have a love affair
But she's not jealous
I have others
And she never misses a note
But she's the one I need
When words and music
Begin to seed
As dreams come to encroach

She's like a fine wine
She's never let's me down
She's the one I yearn for
She's the best
Tune her up
Tune her down
She's by far the best around
Oh I love ragtime ukulele

We've been through the mill
Her and me
And she's seen the worst
And the best of me
She's seen my tears like rain
Felt my misery and pain
But she never ever fails
To make me smile

I wish I could
Tell her how I feel
Let her know
That my love for her is real
But I'm sure she truly knows
As I strum her too and fro
She'll understand
The depth of my soul

And she's the last thing
I touch before sleeping
Then I put her back inside
Her protective case
Then I'll sleep and dream content
Snoring a sorrowful lament
Until the morning
When she'll be in my arms again

She's like a fine wine
She's never let me down
She's the one I yearn for
She's the best
Tune her up
Tune her down
She's by far the best around
Oh how I love my ragtime ukulele
It makes no difference what state I'm in
Whether falling apart or in depressive pieces
I'm always forced to smile out loud
At a couple of her friends as on scooters they zip by

Excuse me Mr then gently squeal
In the most polite tones ever heard
When I take my kid to school I smile
It brings a lift to a flagging mood

Then a few steps off towards work
And my smile begins to forget itself
And that good mood will recede as I concede
And hope it stores well
I used to believe
That good people were never bad
And the worst of the worst
No good could emerge
They were labelled
As was I by all else
We each have a shelf
And we each sit it well

Then my view began to slowly alter
I saw the shades and hues and facets that falter
The good smearing bad and the bad tainting good
The lives of fake innocents revoking the truth
I saw blue skies appear amidst grey clouds of rain
The thunder the lightning and the hailstones of pain
I felt the whips of attrition across my dreams
Felt the idolatry of penance readying its reams

Saw the dark for what it was and heard its echoing call
Felt the fire persist where cold expired weeping
Saw the the withering skeletons running static
As monsters in the attic shed a river through floorboards seeping
Caught sight of life in the arms of death
Caught sight of might in the tears of the weak
Felt hope burgeoning strong just to fail
Saw a wreath cold and sleek at its funeral wail
Saw hearts like trees bearing fruit for all
Saw evil do deeds then feed the world
Lay sleepless and confused at a life unfamiliar and unfulfilled
How contorted we are and have to be
i'm never more fed up
than when i take my leave
of the seamless sleep i've choked upon
that grants me low reprieve
it's face is my pillow
as it's faith my sorrows chase
how i wish this day to cease
so the night can stretch its way

to be the pride of another
is a cold burden of chains indeed
and if my night was more than lonely
maybe my joints would surely meet
but my days as your splintered footstool
alas must come to a weathered conclusion
as i would rather sleep the remainder of my life away
than shake your cantankerous hand of confusion
i woke up again this morning
to that same old hissing sound that i can't shake
a weird static symphony
that moves as clouds do on rainy days
it was like the colour had begun to drain slowly
as if my eyes had become empty or stale
and as my blurry vision scanned the grains of reality
my crumbling heart fluttered slow and pale

am i mad...have i lost it ?
i can't find a mirror that shows me clear
almost dark my face a perpetual shadow
the memories are of someone else
my identity - my identity
who the hell am i who inhabits this skin
surely i'm not this emotional vagabond
i see out as he but we both hide within

this world reads as a fine drawn comic creation
full of things only a hungry cold mind can conceive
the gnawing ache the curtailed elation
and the rapture of love born and too lost to believe
still the frail shrill static boils and haunts me
if i could find my knees in this darkness then i would pray
but i can't navigate my way out of this dead dream
the place where time and space forsake
lowercasemmmmmm Jun 2021
it's shadow falls
like mother making beds
as the sheets drops and call
too silent to make a choice
fuelled by the desire
to live inside the noise

forced as if by a slapping hand
that gives no pale or soft comfort
only slyly doles its commands
until the world is only a ripple
and the waters edge is home
where the angry dwell in servitude
and loneliness has grace and aplomb
lowercasemmmmmm May 2021
drowning steel,
the mettles dead
the metal feels,
if i can
i'll be so clean,
as i'm falling
as i'm not even here,

all i've asked
is nothing new,
always hidden
never fumes,
and if you hear
will you respond,
carry on
that wasted lone,

it's not even cold,
growing taller
as i get too old,
i'm too blind
and too severe,
to follow truth
that's never found here,

i'm no heart
i'm just in place,
a central beat
a subsequence,
slow as hate
and plain as day,
faulty wires
expose the fails,

if i won't
then i waste,
if the ***** spurts
it's lost its taste,
if the blood flows
from weeping eyes,
hello i'm desperation
the world will cry,
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