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lowercasemmmmmm May 2020
it's just us two again
so go on and croon
i need to hear it
those gentle tones
a look into the past
when i was young
and beyond my tears

golden threads
weave me a memory
subtle brass
soft strings hum
a voice of old
syrup shining
emotive and sure
tremblingly in-austere

black and white
dressed so dapper
the piano gent
beats under my skin
once tasted
no ear can protest
nor listen saturated
drifting my minds coast

it's just you and i tonight
the world can wait elsewhere
the savagery of life
will have to smart at its own repair
your voice is like penicillin
it clears my soul of rot
you take my mind away from itself
to a place of times forgot
lowercasemmmmmm Nov 2019
they thank you for the lie
and hate you for the truth
waste your years extracting sympathy
until your memories have no youth
and all the while you're on your guard
in case the wrong words fall and sound
giving all who hate your truth
a ***** to put you in the ground
lowercasemmmmmm Nov 2019
how much of what you say
can be taken without condiment
i mean you've done everything
on every single continent
a chat with you is no nice task
you force all to feel inferior
but i presume you wear a mask
and your lies don't depict your true interior
lowercasemmmmmm Nov 2019
i was never late nor early
always stately and surly
a steadfast winning loser
and a sacrificial spooner
lowercasemmmmmm Nov 2019
i used to walk
nights we're all i really knew,
they became my sacrament
the sunlight which charred my skin,
the yellow glow of streetlights
they became my comfort blanket,
and the dawn became the ogre
that under bridges did dwell,

i'd walk for miles - felt like days
searching hard for what i didn't know,
for an understanding of how i became
and why i wasn't as all else seemed,
as all else about me
seemed illuminated in self pity,
working hard for a retirement
as the grave crept so swiftly,
lowercasemmmmmm Nov 2019
down this road
i can see
all the crap that's speeding
it's way towards me
while all these here
are the same as me
bereft of blue sky
sunshine stole from me

they've got smiles
i've got snarls
angry punches
to their high brows
something's wrong
this outcome *****
we try so hard
but it's never enough

and over your shoulder you'll see
the same sunkist sky breaking free

someone else's horizon
has me hypnotising
myself to believe a truth
their road is better -  true
lowercasemmmmmm Nov 2019
fingers drum
slap and hum
gusts breeze
fists fly with ease

eyes look
by the book
strands comb
a shaded tome

lips arch
as legs march
to a bold swagger
of a finger wagger

bark strips
yaps and rips
the dog and tree
become them and thee
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