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Sophia 5h
i admire your courage
even your courage to say goodbye.
Sophia 6h
i'm here.
and i won't
take no for an answer.
Sophia 2d
take a moment
to silence yourself
and listen
to others.
Sophia 2d
for whatever reason, lovely
you decide to love me,
let it be gentle.
I am broken enough.
Sophia 4d
i fell.

like a rock in the ocean, i fell.

i fell in slow, but i fell in deep.

but you let me scrap my knees

in this ocean

of concrete.
Sophia 6d
Sweet to the tongue,
you taste of silver sugar,
dripping saturated love.

Beautiful to the eyes,
you look of starry sunlight,
glowing cruel ebony night.

Pleasant to the ears,
you sound of happy bells,
just a sound of sadness long.

Soft to the touch,
your skin glows ivory gold,
a careful cut diamond cold.

Aromas gentle to me,
you smell of roses and cloudy skies,
a child's play in rain.

Cascades of waterfalls
run down your flushing cheek,
it's sad to see to watch you die.

Like the rivers of the Amazon,
long and vast do your tears spread,
until all they can do is stop.
Sophia 7d
it's just a semi-colon.
but look a little closer,
someone could've ended
the sentence,
but chose
to continue.
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