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Salmane Driouch May 2016
I have a house with me
Around me
It surrounds me
Wherever I go
It goes with me
Wherever I stand
It stands with me
And wherever I sit
It sits with me
I can settle anywhere
I can live here and there
Without fear
I live free
With my house next to the tree
Or by the sea
But many still call me houseless
Because my house is without an address
If you’re to send me a post card
Leave it with you
And I will come for it
This is just a thought
Feeling relaxed
Have asked for an answer
To bring another thought
That ought to be true or fault
Thanks for reading this CRAZY writing.
From the land of hash
Where I have just sat with my house
Salmane Driouch Jan 2015
Near the bus station

A black head was standing

Came the bus

Was still standing

I wondered why!!

He also wondered why!!

Then we said

No one knows what's in The Black head
Salmane Driouch Jan 2015
Steep *****

Praise hope

Take a ****

Cut a rope

Drink your toast

And fly



You can imagine!
Salmane Driouch Nov 2014
Live live live!
The fake world
As you're told
Until you're old
Live live live!
You're already sold
Enslaved for gold
You feel too bored
Above all, you don't question
You have no mention
But be
Like her
Like him
No problem
I choose to be like me
As though I look stranger
I am also a stranger.
Salmane Driouch Sep 2014
I am lost!
I was searching for something
And I thought there I found it
I did not but actually lost it
I longed for that thing and I morn for it
Day and night and every minute
I thought of it, I was reminded it

Murmuring under the soil
Grinning with those black teeth
Scary and has no feet
Stretched by the way
Under the pavement near
Baby! Have no fear!
I am just kidding
Tonight is our last wedding
Forget about me because I just lost
Salmane Driouch Aug 2014
I have built my house in your imagination and I will still be dwelling there until you decide to ruin it and let me out of your mind.
Salmane Driouch Aug 2014
Soon words will leave,
Drifted by
And I will remember them
By heart
Like in your imagination
Or unlike
Word by word they will sail
Carving the sea but leaving no trace
And even after a while
I will still be the last one to remember them
Because they are settled in the heart
And I will be the only left trace
Because I have learned how to read the words on your pretty face
As much older you get as much readable they are in their place.
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