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793 · Nov 2018
Gianna Nov 2018
it´s five in the afternoon
and i tricked myself into thinking you´d like me back
but how can i be so sure
when you treat everyone like that?
it´s five in the afternoon
and i´m thinking about you
how could i have been so foolish?
325 · Dec 2018
milk & honey
Gianna Dec 2018
your honey and milk skin
against my lips
wait, nevermind
i’m just daydreaming again
will i ever be able to call you mine?
316 · Nov 2018
Gianna Nov 2018
(can i call you that?)
how i wish that i could hold you again
how i wish that only you could see
that way that my heart is breaking
when you bring up the way you hold someone else
and when you carelessly remind me
of the way
you lack to feel
for me
how selfish of you
293 · Dec 2018
Gianna Dec 2018
how foolish of me
to think i was your number one.
as a matter of fact,
anyones number one.
i´m just another girl
such a plain, average girl
struggling to get by
in a world where nobody
knows her name.
i thought we could've been something
195 · Nov 2018
Gianna Nov 2018
if i fell for you because of your eyes
and how they held galaxies from afar
how did i get my heart broke by the way
you wouldn't lend me a star?
please don’t go
190 · Nov 2018
not again
Gianna Nov 2018
how many nights
must i cry alone
for someone to love me?
i’m sick of sleeping alone
152 · Nov 2018
not a poem; just a thought
Gianna Nov 2018
i just realized how
and unimportant
i am
to you
why won't you talk to me?

— The End —