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Now I know
how a vampire feels
when he meets the stake.
It ******* hurts.
When one sings a song that they know
does one reminisce about their life

Is it a song that they really like
do they relate it to their life

Poetry in motion is what I love
no music in mind, just words from my times

Feelings from the heart is where I start
My mind then takes over thinking of my past

Poetry has saved me and has redirected my life  
it is my private journal and tells one about my life

So now my mind is clear and I still love to write
I now wish everyone a happy life
We used to be that perfect couple.
We would make promises as though
We were already married,
That through heaven and hell
We will always prevail.

We would share dreams and play make-believe,
We would cuddle and tickle and be children again.
We would act like we're on top of the world
And that nothing could bring us down.

And nothing did, all their efforts in vain.
The reason we fell is because
We were pulling on each other,
Holding hands, leaning back, face to face,
Using the others weight to keep ourselves
From falling backwards,
And the moment one let go, the other gave up.
She has it all:

wit, intelligence
and beauty,
but denies them
as if to be special
is somehow
a shame.

She keeps her heart
deep within a castle:
moat, drawbridge,
walls, keep and towers
to keep hurt away.

If you want her you
must lay siege
to the fortress,
slowly break down
all obstacles,
replace them
with trust.

You must win
her by being
patient and worthy.

I am an old soldier
but my will
remains stronger
than most.

I have one
more campaign
left in me.

I will take
this citadel,
these obstacles
or break my heart
on its walls.

Defeat is not
an option where
such a prize

"Once more into
the breach."

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