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May 2020 · 517
loveless May 2020
"Once this fire of love used to keep me warm... Now it's dying embers set ablaze everything they touch.. Stay away, Violet. Or they will burn you too..."

"If that's true, Summer, then let me be embraced by the flames..."
Scribbles that never become a story. I write such things as a means of self-help now.
I name my characters on things close to me. Violet is my favourite colour. Summer is my last rhyme.
Jan 2019 · 984
loveless Jan 2019
Even the feel of summer failed to heat up my heart
Despair and sorrow waged war upon my innocence
Little by little, my abandoned soul tore itself apart
I guess all my heart wanted was to stay in your presence

Thoughts of yours which once used to make me smile
Memories of you became the cause of my sorrow
My heart broke every time I thought of you for a while
Because I knew you won't be there in my life tomorrow

I tried to lock up my tender feelings inside my heart
In a desperate attempt to stop endless stream of my tears
You say the vastness of oceans enough to keep us apart
But I guess, your love ceased to exist after all these years

It hurt, it pained like hell but with all my efforts, I tried
To cast away and relinquish the thoughts of you
Your voice echoed in my ears, my soul died, my heart cried
Because my dear lover, this time you didn't love me too...

It was September 2017 when I rhymed for one last time in my drafts.
I tried, I tried my hardest. But I just can't rhyme anymore...
Nov 2018 · 30.5k
loveless Nov 2018
And over time,
My pen stopped bleeding
But my heart didn't
Aug 2017 · 1.4k
Those little things
loveless Aug 2017
They meant the world to me
You stole them from me
Aug 2017 · 1.2k
Here for you
loveless Aug 2017
'It's dark in here'
'Its sacred there'
'I ain't stopping'
'Turn back'
"I have no intention to'
'Don't come any closer'
'I'll come'
'Its a warning'
'I heard it'
'I'm dangerous'
'I know it'
'Aren't you scared?'
'My shaking won't stop'
'I'll ruin you'
'Ruin me then'
'I'll break you'
'Break me then'
'I'll tear you to shreds'
'I'm all ready'
'Leave me be'
'I can't, I won't'
'Why are you stubborn?'
'Let me come over'
'I don't wanna hurt you'
'Take my hand and pull me'
'I don't have a heart'
'Have mine'
"My soul's rotten too'
'Mine is here for you'
'Why are you doing this?'
'I have been there, long ago"
'Were you?'
'But not as deep as you'
When you fall, you don't need someone to give you a hand from outside. You don't need comforting words or idealistic thoughts. You don't need to be told to stay strong.
Aug 2017 · 1.3k
loveless Aug 2017
The truth is
No one saves anyone
In the end
We all rot...
Today tomorrow and forever
Aug 2017 · 1.2k
Do you?
loveless Aug 2017
Do you ever smile like a fool thinking about me and my stupidity?
Or do you ever cry as if there's no tomorrow when you miss me?
Do you ever try to find my initials inside the words?
Do you miss the time we used to spend together?
Do you ever read our old texts and wonder why it's not the same anymore?
Do you ever hear my voice messages that must be saved on your phone and feel like bliss?
Do you ever feel the need to talk to me?
Do you still get jealous and possessive over me?
Do you ever want to be with me, the same way we used to be?
I don't know about you because you rarely answer
But all these things
I do!
I really do
Jul 2017 · 847
loveless Jul 2017
Despair, wrath, agony
And endless cries
The sadistic night
Lightened by fireflies

A cruel world
No one's gonna care
If one of the stars
Ceases to be there
Jul 2017 · 749
loveless Jul 2017
I'll be waiting for you
In the times when I'll just lay around
Doing nothing but gazing upon the inanimate wall
Even when I'll graduate and will look around
In search of a job perhaps
When I'll turn thirty
And my life will become
A world without colors
Dull and boring, like it always have been
At those times when I'll have white or grey hair
My skin will be all wrinkly
Perhaps my mind will question me
How long am I gonna wait
And I'll be speechless
Even when I'll be at doors of death
I'll be waiting for you till my last breath...
Perhaps you still won't be there
But I still won't stop
You know, right?
I'm crazy!
I'll start over in my next life
I'll repeat this cycle
Over and over
As many times as it takes
To be with you
Jul 2017 · 819
loveless Jul 2017
Everytime I break,
I feel more broken than ever before...
I guess
I can collect myself
And try to keep my parts together
But those parts will never be one again
They can only break further
And further
To ashes...
Jul 2017 · 655
loveless Jul 2017
The world we live in
is cursed
  along with everyone in it
a world where monster
do exist but
  heroes don't
a world where
hopes exist
  but happiness doesn't.
Even if everyone
feel this sadness
  they, yet desire
for happiness and oblivion
I can see this curse
   and that's why
I've given up on such dreams
I know the difference
between wishful thinking
  and reality
To be able to see this curse
  I guess
   the most cursed of them all...
     is me...
Just a warning
Jun 2017 · 611
That's how I feel...
loveless Jun 2017
Sometimes it feels like a huge hole
Right in the center of my being
Widening at every instance
The other times, it feels like
Like I'm breaking apart
Crumbling down like a castle of cards
When I look at myself in the mirror
And look at my eyes,
They seem as dead as they can be
It feels so horrible
Like some sort of demon
Or perhaps a beast
Tearing my heart bit by bit
With its claws piercing my flesh
Making me suffer
This invisible pain without any reason
I want to scream in agony
And despair
I want to shriek as loud as I can
But I just sit silently
Drowned in madness
That's how I feel
Jun 2017 · 544
loveless Jun 2017
A nice and good me
Is all I let you see
But do you know
There's a monster in me
I like this word for some unknown reason
Apr 2017 · 639
One Day
loveless Apr 2017
I just hope that one day, you'll unite with the one you love...
Mar 2017 · 695
loveless Mar 2017
Silent in shadows
Drowned in grief
Joy of mourning
My heartfelt relief
Feb 2017 · 1.1k
loveless Feb 2017
Every rose that blooms shall wilt away one day...
Feb 2017 · 3.0k
loveless Feb 2017
Sometimes lazy
My little daisy
In blue

Life hazy
My heart still crazy
For you
Feb 2017 · 2.6k
The purpose of life
loveless Feb 2017
Sometimes, I wonder
What's the purpose of life
Why we are born here
Why we live
When we have to die

I wonder why we exist
When our being doesn't matters
The world keeps on going
It never stops
And it never will

I think,
Just maybe
There's no purpose of life...
Jan 2017 · 1.3k
loveless Jan 2017
There are a few things in the world
That wave between light and darkness.
Such things allure me
I've some unknown hunger for them
Like a monster
It's neither an angel
Nor a devil
But it still is
Like a black rose
Rose is a symbol of goodness
Yet its stained in darkness
And it blooms as black
These things captivate me
Like a charmer captivating it's prey
I wonder about them all the time
I guess after all
I'm like them
I don't know if it makes sense. I just wanted to pen it down.
Jan 2017 · 817
loveless Jan 2017
The stone envied her
Because she feel
She envied the stone
Because it didn't
Jan 2017 · 948
Look! An angel!
loveless Jan 2017
"Look! An angel!" she said pointing her finger towards the sky.

"Where?" he raised his head and frantically moved his eyes in search for the sight of angel. The plain blue sky was not even holding any bird.

"Where is..." his words stopped when he felt her hug him from behind. She rested her head over his back as if she was trying to hear his heartbeats and then placed her hand right over his heart.

"Right here, inside your heart."
Jan 2017 · 801
loveless Jan 2017
We're born free, all of us
Some don't believe it
Some try to take it away
To hell with them
Mountains of fire
Water like ice
Lay your eyes on them
And you'll know what freedom is
It's worth fighting for
Fight to live
Risk it all for even a glimmer of real freedom
It doesn't matters what waits outside the gate
Or what comes in
It doesn't matter how cruel the world can be
Or how adjust
An inspirational speech I heard in an anime.
Dec 2016 · 2.4k
Bird in a cage
loveless Dec 2016
She longs to spread
Her wings afar
And fly till its midnight
She longs to feel
Breeze of the winds
Caress her wings
And smother her soul
Dance among the clouds
Sneak around in sky
She longs to reclaim
Her birthright of freedom
And get food for herself
Find shelter in rain
She longs to live
A life without chains
Even if it means
She may lose
Her very life
But all she can do is long
For she is just
A bird in a cage
The birds don't belong in a cage, they belong to the sky.
Let them free, for they have right of freedom too.
Dec 2016 · 880
loveless Dec 2016
The only ones who can adore love the most are the ones who have been loveless their entire life.
A thought
Dec 2016 · 717
Angels didn't know
loveless Dec 2016
Born on earth
Wings they grow
Once were humans
Angels didn't know
Nov 2016 · 958
loveless Nov 2016
Light awakens with shrieks of thunder
In the sky, a breathtaking wonder
Grief of rain, within clouds it reside
Half parts meet when heavens collide

Tremble in sky, It longs to fly

Never get close, it just wants to clash
It screams with its fascinating flash
Never afraid of fall, it takes a leap
G**round it's salvation, it was born to seek
Nov 2016 · 1.2k
loveless Nov 2016
Chaos in heart
Madness in brain
A white dove
Longing to sigh again

Wings are soft
Eyes are blurred
Burden of message
Carries a little bird

It's tired wings
Just want to fly
All it wants to see
Is a peaceful sky

Vast blood filled sea
Reach the shore
Patron of peace
Just end the war

Everywhere is blue
Smile lost its way
For a better future
Waylay today

One side is peace
Joy she brings
See her dance
Hear her sing

Other side is war
Standing still
Everything, everyone
He wants to ****

This is thy wisdom
You have will to loose
Which way to go
You have to choose
Jul 2016 · 2.1k
A poem
loveless Jul 2016
It can enrage the angels
Devils it can make serene
Most powerful creation
Anyone has ever seen

Peace in cruel hell
It's rhymes can create
It's emotions can bring
The heavens to hate
Poems are magical
Jul 2016 · 1.6k
Breaking point
loveless Jul 2016
You can hide
All your pain
Behind a smiling mask

But you still have
A breaking point

When it's reached
A thousand masks aren't enough
To hide your tears
Just thinking as I drew a sketch
Jul 2016 · 2.2k
loveless Jul 2016
"How will you show me your world? I am blind."

"Hear me. How do I sound like?"

"I'd say your voice is just like a nightingale. Full of love. Like an angel."

"How do I smell like?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Go on."

"Your smell... It's... addicting to be honest. Like a flower that is in a garden but its smell is so unique."

"Touch me. How do I feel like?"

"Your skin so soft. Softer than a petal of rose. Cheeks like a baby. I can imagine your blue eyes looking at me right now. You feel really beautiful."

"You don't need to see from your eyes to see my world."
A talk between two, a blind boy and a girl.
Jul 2016 · 917
loveless Jul 2016
He was pushed
Into pit of hell
But he grew wings
And flew to heaven
Just a lil story in four lines
loveless Jul 2016
Knock knock

"Anyone there?" he heard someone saying it while knocking at the door. That one knocking the door had a voice of a child. The voice was soft and with this the old man inside the house guessed the age of child to be probably five to six years.

"Hellooo" the kid said again. He was continuously knocking the door.

Child continued to knock for a little while.

"I know you are inside there, please respond"
Child said pleadingly.

"Go away, no one is here" the old man said furiously. He was frustrated.

"Oh! Here you are" child responded "Dr Adam, I need help, I am..." the child couldn't complete the sentence, and the old man's heard a thud which was supposedly bigger than a knock. Possibly his head had banged against the door. Something had happened, the old man knew.

The old man was a loner but he wasn't heartless to not check on the kid. He bookmarked the page and kept the book he was reading on the table. He stood up and started to walk towards the door. He put down the chain and then opened the door slowly.

The child was holding on the door. As the old man opened the door the child could barely keep standing for some moments and he started to fall near the man's legs. Old man was quick and he put his hand below the child so he couldn't fall on the floor.

The old man grasped the hand of the boy to check his pulse. The boy was still alive though there was something weird about his pulse. It was weak, he could barely sense it and the pulse was low to around forty per minute. He was still breathing. The child was unconscious.

The old man grasped that kid in his arms and took him to his bedroom, situated upstairs on right corner of the house. He placed that kid on the bed which was still as fluffy as a new bed would be. It's been years since that old man was back to his bedroom. He used to sleep mostly in his chair while reading. He placed pillow under the kid's head and went back downstairs to other room.

That room didn't looked like a room, it looked more like a library. The room was large and there were books everywhere. His hand written notes and research was all scattered in the room. And the old man grasped they book he left on the table and continued reading.

Some hours passed and the old man heard the door opening upstairs. The child had woken up, he knew. The old man grabbed some fruits lying in the basket and went upstairs. The kid was just out of the room.

"Hey kid, you can still rest a little, and if you don't want to rest, you can have these fruits and go"

"Dr. Adam!?"


"I'm dying."

The old man was speechless as he heard these words from that little child. Many patients had come to him before, knocking on his door, to help them but he had left his profession because of one accident. All of them had to go back. He didn't even opened his door to anyone before. But now he had a child in front of him, who said he was dying and this left the old man speechless.

"Go to the hospital kid, I can't help you. I do not operate anymore"

"I went to the hospital. The disease I have have no cure. Not a single of them can cure me"

"Then how do you think I'd be able to cure you?"

"My disease makes my heart weaker by the moment it beats"

The old man knew this disease. All he could do was just stare at that kid and listen to him.

"They told me that long ago, a genius researched upon something and came across a cure to everything. And in that time, a kid had the same disease as me. He could die anytime. That genius used his talents to give that kid a new life. He cured that child and that child lived for a day but something happened and the disease of kid returned. This time, a million time worse and the kid died."

A silence followed after the kid.

"That genius was you Dr Adam . You had saved that kid before, even for just some days, but only you were the one to be able to find its cure. Save me doctor. Save me."

"I... I can't..." for the first time in years, the old man was not rude. His voice was trembling. In his eyes was fear. His north had dried up. He couldn't speak another word.

He was taken aback. He was looking in the eyes of that kid and in those little eyes of that kid was hope. Blue eyes of that kid were same as that of Nicholas, that kid the old man failed to save life of.

And the old man went to a state of trance and started to wonder in the memories thirty years back.

He was young back then. He was a genius. He learned to speak when he was just six months old. At three he used to solve maths problems easily that were hard for child double his age. His parents knew he was talented and so they gave him best education they could. He completed his doctorate degree at the age of seventeen when most of the people his age would be looking for what to do. He was a prodigy.

He joined a hospital. And started to operate on people. The operations that looked hard to normal one, he was able to do without a sweat. He wanted to do more. And so he got a home for himself where he could work in peace. He started on researching the cure of everything. He would think, search and experimented alone.

One morning, two years later, he found that any disease can be cured using magic. The magic that provides energy and makes life energy so strong that the body itself heals itself.

He was happy that day. He went to hospital to break out the news to everyone. But on his way, he found a small kid, of five years, laying on the bed.

"Hey kid" he said to the child.

"Hello doctor..."

"My name is Adam. What's your name"

"I'm Nicholas, doctor Adam"

"What happened to you Nicholas"

"I don't know."

"Don't worry, you'll be alright. I promise you"

"Thank you Dr Adam" the child smiled. That smile was so full of feelings that it made Adam more happy from inside. That smile had touched his heart. He just wanted to make that kid more happy by curing him of whatever he had. He made a promise to himself that he would cure that kid before telling upon his research to everyone.

He ran across the hospital and went to the other room where the doctors handling the patients of that room were.

"Hey Robert"

"Hello sir" though Robert was ten years older than Adam but still he used to call Adam sir because Adam was a lot more senior than him because of his knowledge.

"Whats up with Nicholas"

"That small boy"


"Actually, we don't know anything yet"


"We've never seen such disease yet"

"What is with that disease"

"His heart is losing strength by the moment it beats. A severe pain was in his heart for unknown reasons pops up whenever. And he sometimes loses his consciousness at random times. That's one of a kind case. He can die at any time."

The young prodigy was speechless for the first time. His thoughts took him to another world. He was broken because he thought he couldn't help that kid. And then he heard a scream coming from the same place Nicholas was in.

He ran back to there. Nicholas was holding his heart with one hand and screaming. The pain was immense. Beyond measure of one's imagination. The eyes were flooded with tears. This view shocked Adam. He had never heard anyone shriek that loud in his whole life.

He went near Nicholas and held him up in his arms. He hugged him close and said that everything will be alright. The child's voice somehow lowered. After some moments, that. stopped crying and just stayed in his arms.

"Save me Dr Adam! Save me" the kid said sobbingly and then collapsed under his hands and got unconscious.

For the first time in his life the doctor felt helpless. He realized how precious life was. And he could not help that kid. The young man started crying. And suddenly a bright idea struck his mind. He thought of using the magic he researched for to cure this child.

"I will save you kiddo, I definitely will" he said to that small kid and then turned to Robert who had followed him

"Robert, can you take him to the operating table please"

"Yes but first tell me what are you going to do"

"I will tell you later. Just trust me and take him to there" Adam gave that kid to Robert and started to go out "I need to go back home for a bit. I'll be back quick" he said to Robert hurriedly and ran back to home. He needed to see the procedure again. He didn't wanted to do any mistake. Though he had not done any experiment to any animal, he was still confident in his research.

He came back to home, took out some notes of his from his book and started to read them. Then after some minutes, he ran back to hospital along with those notes. He just went to the room where the kid was. Robert was there near the table and the child still knocked unconscious and laying on the operating table.

"Thank you Robert. Can you please leave us alone now"

"But what are you going to do now?"

"Cure him"

"But how?"

"I can't tell you now but I will surely cure him"

Robert was still reluctant but he knew that Adam may have come up with some way of curing that child

"Trust me, I will surely" Adam said

And with that Robert finally left from there.

The doctor begin the procedure and he placed his palm on the child's heart tenderly. Then he closed his eyes and then had his other hand up. The other hand was open like he was gathering something from sky inside his hand. He was channeling the energy of the universe too the life energy of the kid.

The man could feel it running through his body. It was like the kid's energy was faint green in color and the energy in his hand was vibrant blue which was intense. The blue energy went from his hand to the other hand was going to the child's energy and making it stronger. But Adam didn't knew why there were two colors of energy. There was something wrong, he felt but nevertheless he continued to channel. Gradually the energy inside kid began to grow and it was full again. Like the color of child's energy was not blue but with little faint green inside.

Adam withdrew his hand. Nicholas was still breathing and seemed to be in good shape. Adam knew he was successful but he knew something,even if it were a little thing, had been wrong. And he sank back in the chair nearby.

After some moments the kid opened his eyes and sat on the table

"How are you feeling kiddo?" he asked standing from chair

"I... I feel... I feel fine doctor" Nicholas said. He was touching his heart like he was wondering what happened. He felt better than before. He felt that he is all alright.

"I feel good doctor" Nicholas said "I feel great" he added. He had a smile on his face. He felt rejuvenated. He was happy. Adam had a sigh of relief.

"How did you do it doctor?"

"Do what?"

"Cure me. How did you cure me? They said that my disease couldn't be cured by any medicine or surgery"

"Well...." Adam didn't knew what to say

"Tell me please. How did you?"

"Magic" and Adam smiled. He had told the truth though Nicholas didn't thought it was truth. This made nicholas laugh.

"Thank you... My magician" and they both started to laugh again. They both were happy.

"Come on now. Let me take you to your bed" and he grasped Nicholas in his arms and took him to his bed.

"I want to go home, not this bed"

"We still need to keep you under observation for a while still kiddo. So be a good boy"

"Ok magician, I will be a good boy"

Robert was there. Looking for other patients. He looked at the boy and observed him. He saw no marks, and realized surgery or something had not been done. And he later real used that pulse of the kid was normal now. And the child was smiling.

"How did you did that sir?" he asked Adam

"Ask the kid, he knows" and Robert looked at the kid

"He did magic doctor" and they both started to laugh while Robert looked puzzled. But Robert knew that the prodigy must have made some discovery and that's how he cured him and Adam want to give surprise to others.

"Congrats magician" Robert joined them.

"Robert can you help me in observing this child. I want to make sure he is all alright"

"I will sir" Robert said

They both did some tests that day along with looking after other patients. The strength of the heart of that boy had returned and heart beat was normal with no pain burst or unconsciousness for whole day.

Adam said final good night to the kid and went to his home to get some rest after informing Nicholas they he will be discharged tomorrow.

Adam dozed off to sleep quick that night. But he had a nightmare. He saw those two energies blue and faint green that were slowly disappearing. Darkness was consuming them both as they mixed. And then there was complete darkness. He heard a terrible scream of pain an then he woke up.

He couldn't wait there. He had to go back to hospital to check on Nicholas again. He dressed quick and ran to hospital. The was doctor Jack at night duty near the bed of that kid.

And that kid was laying silent. Adam held his hand. But he felt nothing. He then tried to feel heart beats but nothing again.

"What happened here?" Adam asked furiously to Jack

"Some minutes ago, we hard a loud scream for just a second or two and we realized it was Nicholas. By the time we reached here, it was all over. His heart had stopped beating"

"No that can't be" Adam said. How heart had broke.

"That disease had no cure Adam. At least you tried" Jack said

"No I should have been able to save him, I could have if I knew more, I could have" the tears of Adam flowed like an endless river of grief.

He left his profession that day. He wanted to search for the answers. He wanted to perfect his magic. He wanted not to let someone else die like that kid again. He made his home a library. He got many books. He kept on studying. He studied so much that many times he forgot to eat for days. Some books he wrote himself while researching upon. And so years passed. Life went on till today when a little child knocked his door.

His state of trance was broken by the scream of that little kid. He was holding his heart as the same way Nicholas did when he was in pain. Adam got himself and got that little boy on bed again. Kid stopped to cry after a little while. When kid had a breath of relief, he said to the old man again

"Dr Adam, I do not have much time left. Please. Help me"

"I have not finished that research yet. I may need more years to finish that cure of everything"

"I do not have years, I may not even have today and you know it"

"Kid, you may meet same fate as that kid. My procedure somehow accelerated that disease because it was wrong"

"I have to die one day if it's a week or I am left with a day after the procedure. It won't matter. I have to die anyway"

"But..." he couldn't say anything more. The child was wise and he was saying up to point.

"Can you please just try. I promise I won't regret it"

Even though thirty years had passed. Adam had made little progression towards that cure to everything. In the meantime he had found out many cures of many other diseases that was thought to be incurable but Adam wanted to perfect his procedure of cure of everything.

"Are you sure?"

"Dead sure" the kid replied. They both laughed a little on that pun.

"Get some rest. I'll be back in a bit"

He was going to do that again. He was going to use magic again. He went downstairs and started to read as much as he can of his notes. He wanted to do it perfect this time. Though he didn't knew how. After some time he went back upstairs.

"Hello again" the child said

"Are you ready kiddo?"

"I am. And by the way, my name is Nick"

"You're still kiddo for me" and they both laughed.

"Lay on the bed and don't move or say anything. Just close your eyes. I'm going to do magic"

"Ok magician" boy said. He was so much alike to Nicholas, Adam thought.

Nick did what he was told. The old man placed one hand on the boy's heart and other hand in exact same position as before years ago. He could feel the energies as he closed his eyes. The energy of the boy was faint green again. And a little more fainter than Nicholas when he was on the operating table that night. Adam felt the same blue energy in his other hand. No he thought. He couldn't put that blue energy again inside that boy. He knew the consequence. He searched for the same green one in outside universe but he couldn't. And then he heard.

"Dr Adam"

It was
I'm too lazy to add all the details in the story. Maybe one day I'll detail it.
Jul 2016 · 1.2k
Some things (11w)
loveless Jul 2016
Some things can not be explained
They can only be felt
Jun 2016 · 1.0k
loveless Jun 2016
"So how is she like?"

"Like an angel."

"And what are angels like?"

"Well it's just that when they are near you, you feel happy inside."
I feel happy inside when my angelica is near me
Jun 2016 · 1.9k
My good night prayer
loveless Jun 2016
And now I lay myself down to sleep
My soul is here, in your arms to keep

Protect me from those sorrowful scream
Keep your eye on my dreamy dreams

Sometimes I'm scared, look upon me
Slay all the nightmares I may see

My goddess, take my care through this night
Wake me up by your kisses by morning's light
Only for you :)
Jun 2016 · 2.6k
loveless Jun 2016
I was born with love, from my poet's heart
From his thoughts, he gathered my parts

I couldn't bring him praise, for his shining words
Silent without glory, I was left unheard
This is my tribute to all those poems which had beautiful words inscribed in them but they still failed to reach many of the readers it should have.
I know many of the poets in here could know for what I was trying to say in this short poem of mine.
I can feel, the poem too feels bad for it!
Jun 2016 · 1.2k
loveless Jun 2016
My heart...

I feel so empty...

So alone...

So lost...

My body gets cold...

It aches inside...

Something is missing...

Something is not right...

Darkness seems everywhere...

I'm blinded...

I feel...

So lifeless...

I feel...

So feelless......
Just a little write.
Written in as less words as required to express myself.
Jun 2016 · 1.2k
Scream of the heavens
loveless Jun 2016
The sound of heaven I heard
She was crying without any word
To you, normal it may seem
But it was her shriek, her scream
I heard her terrifying thunder
That was full of saddened wonder

Those dark clouds were flying
As the heaven was crying
I felt her tears fall
Touching me deep inside my soul
It was the storm of the rain
Filled with endless, eternal pain

In my heart I could feel
She was sad, she wanted to heal
Those tears of her took her sadness
Falling down with never ending madness
The pearls of the drops fell down
Crushing into our sinful town

When heaven had looked down, she broke
Saw so much hatred, her heart choke
On our behalf, she started to mourn
Maybe that's how rain and thunder are born
It only rains as hope to wash away our sin
It only thunders to calm the heavens from within
I was just wondering that what if it's not the rain as we see it and it is the cry of the sky and the thunder is her scream!
Maybe the heavens couldn't hold on to so much overwhelming emotions and she breaks down to us!
Next time give her a hug by opening up your arms, standing under those precious droplets, when she mourns
May 2016 · 2.4k
loveless May 2016
"Can you see my wings?"


"I'm a monster"

"Those aren't the wings of a monster"

"Then whose wings are they"

"Those are the wings of an angel"

"And what do angels dream of?"

"I... I don't know"

"Angels dream of becoming human"
Another translation

Some people have unique features. They are different. Their unique features are symbolized as wings above. They think of themselves as monsters but instead they should just think of them as angels. Why they choose to do with their uniqueness make them angels or monsters not their difference. And so they foolishly want to become normal again.
loveless May 2016
Cruel was the fate
They gave me their hate
Any longer, I couldn't hold on
All the chains were withdrawn
So much hate, my heart choke
Inside me you arose, awoke
You took over my soul
My body under your control
You burnt me in your flame
I couldn't stay the same
My eyes wept blazing fire
Wrong choices of mine you admire
Serenity hid because of fear
I may hurt the ones that are my dear
Rage rage go far, only words I could say
Never come back any other day
You were powerful and so strong
I could have done something wrong
The symphony of destruction, the devil sent
I know this moment I'll repent
Over you, I feel so weak and powerless
So out of mind and senseless
My ruth fell on that day
I didn't heard the pleas they say
I could see, with fear they shiver
Hailing the devil, the pain giver
Forgiveness and mercy are lost
Took the revenge at my serenity's cost
What had you made me do
You were that dark, I never knew
Now you disappeared, inside me you are gone
I wish next time I'll hold on
The bloodshed remained in the barren battlefield
The time flew past, the past is sealed
And I'm here repenting, lost in grief
Crying a sorrowful momentarily relief
Just wanted to rhyme again.

Sometimes lose my control over me and rage takes over because of my step family and its them who is wrong always when my anger takes over.
And this is all I feel about it. The three phases, Changing into someone out of control, they trying to run and hide from me and then I realizing my way was wrong.

I hope I could hold on next time
May 2016 · 3.5k
Verse of love
loveless May 2016
Your heart is my heart
In my body so deep
Your soul is my soul
In my heart to keep
Just a verse
May 2016 · 1.4k
loveless May 2016
Is bad
It throws
Many worse situations
In whatever path we take

We feel
So weak, powerless
Fragile, exhausted, spent, hesitant
In front of those situations

The only
Intention of them
Is to make you
Stronger, wiser, mightier and better

Is your
Test of life
We all have to
Go through and top them

Stand up
No matter how
Or why you fall
Fight and become better you

One day
Life will lose
Seeing your brave heart
Bowing in front of you
Pyramidal poem
Just a try with first line constituting one word second two words and so on for five lines

Thank you elsa for providing me another idea for a poem.
Apr 2016 · 732
The angel - epilogue
loveless Apr 2016
The angel
Sacrifice life to Gaia
To stop the death of humanity
Disintegrated along with his star
His shining particles light up the future
A new world shall rise
But beware my friends
Darkness shall be reborn again
In another form
And so shall the angel
Last part of poem angel
A poem with various interpretations.
Though I've wrote it as a story but still it have many meanings and it means what you understand out of it.
Apr 2016 · 690
Angel - act V
loveless Apr 2016
The stars fragments
Lose their shine to the black sun
Last possessor of star fragment
The angel
Burns with the blazing spirit
Rewrites the will of heavens
His shine blinds the darkness
Dark sun befall
Sixth part of poem angel
A poem with various interpretations.
Though I'm writing it as a story but still it have many meanings and it means what you understand out of it.

Other parts coming soon...
Apr 2016 · 709
Angel - act IV
loveless Apr 2016
There is no hope, only despair
Revived by the star
The dark sun shines on the lands
And brings destruction of the world
The warriors , the guardians, the healers
Conspire for the morrow
Fifth part of poem angel
A poem with various interpretations.
Though I'm writing it as a story but still it have many meanings and it means what you understand out of it.

Other parts coming soon...
Apr 2016 · 893
Angel - act III
loveless Apr 2016
Order and chaos
Reborn on our world
They fight, they merge
On the first day of a new world
By the creatures of shadow
Dark sun,the destruction
The star possesor
Shall choose their way
Fourth part of poem angel
A poem with various interpretations.
Though I'm writing it as a story but still it have many meanings and it means what you understand out of it.

Other parts coming soon...
Apr 2016 · 1.3k
Angel - act II
loveless Apr 2016
The star splits
Into numerous fragments
As per the will of heavens
The fragments awaken
And choose their possessors
Merging with their hearts
A new power inside them arise
Third part of poem angel
A poem with various interpretations.
Though I'm writing it as a story but still it have many meanings and it means what you understand out of it.

Other parts coming soon...
Apr 2016 · 2.1k
Angel - act I
loveless Apr 2016
Angel - act 1
The last star
Falls from the heavens
A tool for creation
Or a weapon of destruction
The soul of the possessor
Guides it's path
Second part of poem angel
A poem with various interpretations.
Though I'm writing it as a story but still it have many meanings and it means what you understand out of it.

Other parts coming soon...
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
Angel - prologue
loveless Apr 2016
When the darkness befall from the sky
And the world drowns into despair
On the beginning of a new era
An angel shall come forth
The wings of light and dark spread afar
The way he would choose
Shall be the will of heavens
A poem with various interpretations.
It means what you understand out of it.

Other parts coming soon...
loveless Apr 2016
"hello" said an old lady as she greeted that old man with a smile.
"One more" he said to himself as he cried inside.
"adjust well to here" he said to that old lady looking at her.
"oh no, you're mistaken my friend, I'm not here for a long time, just a week or so." the lady replied but the old man didn't said anything. She continued" my boy is busy with work and shifting of his home and there was no one to take care of me there so I'm here and he will take me back to home soon"
"yeah yeah" the old man said
"I know you're jealous of me, because my son will take me back but no one is coming to take you back ever" replied the lady
This hurt the old man. She should not have been so rude. The man didn't said anything. He was in this old age home, not because someone left him there but because his family, his wife, his son, his daughter in law, his grandchild died in a car accident. He fell sick on that day and instead of going with them, he had went to doc. When he returned, he kept it waiting for his family. No one came. Only came a phone that said 'mr. your family is here I the hospital, you can fetch their dead bodies'. That man died a little inside that day. But he knew his family would want him to live and therefore he came to this old age home.
Realizing her mistake, the lady said sorry but he didn't responded.

That evening, he was sleeping.
"how are you? My son! Have you ate well" he heard it
"oh you're busy in a meeting"
"well call me later"
Old lady had called her boy.
"he won't come" the man warned her
"you just shut up" lady replied "he is just busy"

Same thing happened the next day.
And the next day
And next
It happened for fifteen days in a row. Same time the son of that lady will give her same reason without changing it.

"lose the hope before you lose yourself" another piece of advice from old man.
"I'm calling him and he would take me back to home just today"
And the lady called.
"son, I do not gel good in her"
"please take me from here quick"
"no I can't"
And the phone fell from the hand of that lady. Her son had asked her to stay there for a month more. The lady was broken. She hadn't accepted that yet. But she still thought her son will come to her after the month.

Days passed, weeks passed and so did months.

Her son didn't came.

The old lady fell sick. Her health deteriorated exponentially.

And on the exact the same day of the year she had came there.

The old man there dialed the phone of her son but he didn't responded.
"can you try again" the lady said. She was on dead. Too weak and sick.
The man was crying. He dialed the number again. No one responded again.
"he is not responding" said the old man
"can you give me the pic there" she said pointing at the famed pic of her family in which the two parents were smiling along with there baby son.
The old man picked that pic and gave it to her.
She held the pic close to her chest. Hugging it tightly. A drop of tear fell from her eyes.
"I'll try again" said the old man.
He tried but no one answered.
He looked at the lady. But her eyes were closed.
"hey wake up" he said and shrugged the lady. But she didn't responded. Her breath had ceased.

The lady died

The next day

"hello" said an old man as he greeted that old man with a smile.
"adjust well to here" he said to that old man looking at her.
"oh no, you're mistaken my friend, I'm not here for a long time, just a week or so." the man replied

The old man couldn't say anything.

*The end
Do not leave them if they love you that much
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