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 Apr 28 loveless
Jme Love
Not bent
Not bruised
Together one minute
Shattered the next
Like a mirror
Showing a perfect reflection
It cracks
It breaks
Distortion is all i see
Or maybe its just the real me
Not bended
Not bruised
But broken.
That broken image is me
My reality
An unbroken mirror
Is an illusion of unreal reflection
Holding no truth
Showing not who i am
But what the mirror portrays ne to be
Don’t call it
not now
unless you are absolutely sure
don’t try
Don’t call it
not now
because we have a hundred other ways
to make it fly
Every moment matters
know this
if you know nothing else
it matters because it’s you
even now
reading this
it matters because
it’s you and me
that makes it new
When we are all
piled up and held up
and ******* and styled up
maybe then
and only then
when we all feel safe
we will eventually start to think
about escape
Everything now depends
on your very next answer
may seem like pressure to you
trust me
my insides are on fire
Stay where you are
and still believe you’re right
I’ll just pour us
another glass of life
Write from the heart
let the words go
Forgive me
for it
my heart
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