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I still remember the day
I said it
When I was kneeling
Touching your feet
I love you dear
Being away from you
Makes me fear
You are the first
And the last
You are the world
That's my only word
Tears rolling over my cheeks
Have made of me an artist
An artist who paints with his tears
Your portrait is not for sale
Cz I am your only male.
 Oct 2019 loveless
 Oct 2019 loveless
addicted to an addict,
is an addiction in itself.
the more I fien for her,
the more I realize I need some help.
the more I become addicted to her,
the less I think about myself.
the harder I chase her,
the faster she runs away from herself.
the one thing I need in life  
is the only thing she takes away.
I wonder,
when my goodbye is stamped on your heart
will you then look back with heavy eyes and say,
"oh, that must have been love."
 Oct 2019 loveless
I came across this guy
Who had the exact same eyes as yours
Maybe it was different
Those eyes couldn't reflect me
Like yours did
But that doesn't mean
I miss you

I heard this song
You sang to me
Your voice flashed in my mind
That honey voice
I could never get tired of
But that doesn't mean
I can call u at 2 a.m

I saw this picture
Where our eyes were still smiling together
Not knowing what happened to us
But that doesn't mean
I would be happier
If we were together

I went to the place
Where we went often
The one filled with our stories
I saw you with her
For the first time
Your smile trampled my smile
But that doesn't mean
I regret letting go of your hands

Your memories haunt me everywhere
This doesn't make sense
There is always this little part of you
That got struck in me
That can never be cherished
Never be despised
But that doesn't mean
I still love you
 Oct 2019 loveless
Isn't it weird, how
My unsettled mysteries
are solved
With your missing pieces.
 Oct 2019 loveless
Since i was a child I have been asking this question around.
I have got diverse answers, nothing discreet
Granny always said our souls reach god
Mom said we all become stardust,
My teacher said we just become fossils.

When I grew up i realised
Nobody really dies.
Souls are always alive in the spaces in between their loved ones.
In our memories, they are still warm.
In the past our eyes project, they are still breathing.
In every keepsakes they have left , we are together.
In all the frames hanging out there, they are still smiling.

No one really dies,
Untill every ounce of their memories
Tracing their soul are completely erased.
 Oct 2019 loveless
It isn't easy
To sway like a puppet
Tied to the strings of
Circumstantial emotional needs.

It isn't easy
To breathe behind this mask
Hiding the rolling tears
Serving all the cultural ABCs.

It isn't easy
To stay buried
In this mound of false faces
Concealing a whole another utopia.

It isn't easy
To accept bitter bribes
For all the selfless sins
With these ****** hands.

It isn't easy
To make myself believe
In the insanely rational normality
Of this destructive chaos.
 Oct 2019 loveless
 Oct 2019 loveless
She met an artist
His fingers were made of gold
They moved like brush strokes
She was an empty canvas
His portrait of rainbow tears
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