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loveless Aug 2017
Do you ever smile like a fool thinking about me and my stupidity?
Or do you ever cry as if there's no tomorrow when you miss me?
Do you ever try to find my initials inside the words?
Do you miss the time we used to spend together?
Do you ever read our old texts and wonder why it's not the same anymore?
Do you ever hear my voice messages that must be saved on your phone and feel like bliss?
Do you ever feel the need to talk to me?
Do you still get jealous and possessive over me?
Do you ever want to be with me, the same way we used to be?
I don't know about you because you rarely answer
But all these things
I do!
I really do
loveless Jul 2017
Despair, wrath, agony
And endless cries
The sadistic night
Lightened by fireflies

A cruel world
No one's gonna care
If one of the stars
Ceases to be there
loveless Jul 2017
I'll be waiting for you
In the times when I'll just lay around
Doing nothing but gazing upon the inanimate wall
Even when I'll graduate and will look around
In search of a job perhaps
When I'll turn thirty
And my life will become
A world without colors
Dull and boring, like it always have been
At those times when I'll have white or grey hair
My skin will be all wrinkly
Perhaps my mind will question me
How long am I gonna wait
And I'll be speechless
Even when I'll be at doors of death
I'll be waiting for you till my last breath...
Perhaps you still won't be there
But I still won't stop
You know, right?
I'm crazy!
I'll start over in my next life
I'll repeat this cycle
Over and over
As many times as it takes
To be with you
loveless Jul 2017
Everytime I break,
I feel more broken than ever before...
I guess
I can collect myself
And try to keep my parts together
But those parts will never be one again
They can only break further
And further
To ashes...
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