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Nikola Mills
Uncool person who writes bad poems about having broken heart.
Canada    Been writing for about three years. I write a lot of emotion real life situations. I love writing and the challenges to improve. I was ...
Lilly frost
18/F/US    A broken heart is the only possible start to loving correctly. Fu**ing Christ I wish it could be different but here we are.
Elizabeth Squires
All poems original Copyright of Elizabeth Squires.
K Balachandran
Kerala, India    Poetry to me is self exploration that reveals submerged landscapes, otherwise one is unaware of.I love to read fiction and poetry.As a daily news journalist ...
A writer and an artist. A musician as well. In need of a Savior, I was just a shell. I was a heavy drinker. Alcoholic, ...
I just want to discover the beauty, covert within the tiny cracks and crevices, of every breathing life
Stacey L
23/Toronto    It's only a matter of time; but oh, time doesn't exist, our perception does.
Sari Sups
With Strangers    Words fall through me, always fool me. If you want to read more unpublished shit of mine heres my blog
chicago    digging through the depths of my deepest thoughts creating poetry
My love inspired me to write.
23/M/Philadelphia    bake me a cake.
Arizona    to be human is mortal but our written word speaks through out eternity
Nonsense From My Noggin
Exandria    I don't claim to be good at this. I just thought I'd share. All of the nonsense posted below is my own.
Dre Brax
2 Corinthians 12:10 Jeremiah 29:11
where East meets West    Feeling Playing Recycling myself Writing as a way of being together
Amanda In Scarlet
London, UK    I love that moment of connection and the lump in your throat when you find a really special poem. And I've read many, many special ...
Mostly numb
In my mind    je peux vous aime mais vous êtes tout simplement pas la peine ma chérie et je me souviens comment j'ai gardé espoir tout allait s'arranger ...
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