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Louie Clamor Aug 2017
A kind heart never prospers
An enlarged yet malignant curse
Losing by being good enough
Unsteady like a house of cards
A kind heart always ends with bad note
A recipient of unspoken mockery
Heavy hearted, one sided, confused senses
Louie Clamor May 2017
I don't speak much of my feelings
Loud is my mind thinking of you
But quiet when you're around
Full of love I have for you
Overflowing jar of hearts,
Room full of roses, Pink skies
All of them I have since you came
Though, I can't express my thoughts
One thing's for sure,
As peaceful as the night's breeze,
My heart speaks of your name
In silence, I love you
I choose the silent love
I don't want to be vocal about it
Don't be mistaken
I love you truly
Straight path of love I see
I'll do anything
Even getting the moon and stars
Just to make you smile
But surely, I'll do it in the silence of our hearts
Louie Clamor May 2017
I love you, but I don't know what to say
Yes, I'm in that dreadful dilemma again
Forgive me, I'm not good at wordplay
Always expressing my feelings in a subtle way
Saying I love you is indeed not a piece of cake
I really don't know what to do...
Louie Clamor Apr 2017
I'll tell you something,
When I'm with her,
It seems like heaven.
A feeling of enduring love and spirit
Pink skies, pink clouds, pink everything.

When with her, it feels like I'm home
Home is where the heart is.
She's the best person I've ever known.
She's better than anyone I've ever known.
Better than me I recon.
She's even better than my lola's Sinigang.
That's how best she is.

An epitome of beauty and kindness
A smirk that can create one's day
Dreamy eyes, soft cheeks
As Coldplay sings it,
"You're a sky full of stars
It's such a heavenly view"
There maybe cracks to Ms. Perfect,
But one thing's for sure,
I love her for who she is.
Happy Birthday Beb! Always here for you! I already brought the sun to you this morning just to make your day happy. I'll fetch the moon and stars later to shine for you. (Coldplay playlist now sorry HAHAHA) Love you mwa :*
Louie Clamor Feb 2017
I remembered like it was yesterday
As cliché as it may sound
I still think of that moment everyday
You were somehow mystical
Crazy and strange you were that night
For a moment, I thought you were psychic

"We wouldn't work"
"Our friendship would break"
"I might hurt you"
"We are not going to last forever"

I don't know how you came up with those
It's like you used a crystal ball
Or even ask for assistance from a future ghost
I don't know.

One thing's for sure.
Your predictions came true.
We didn't work because we didn't even start.
Our friendship did break.
You did hurt me.
We didn't last forever because you already thought about the end.
Louie Clamor Dec 2016
Love is like cancer.
You don't have any cure, you can't do anything
it's just there and it will slowly **** you.

Love is like a lung disease
Slowly, you become breathless and numb
As your body begins to stop

Love is like having rabies
As the lips of the subject closes and bites into you,
You start to lose control, then makes you lose it

Love is indeed a disease
Whether it is communicable or not,
You are surely susceptible to it
And once you are diagnosed with love,
There's nothing you can do about it
Louie Clamor Dec 2016
All I am, gray, till you came.
All you are, pink
beautiful, elegant, lovely, easy to love.
A shroud of positivity
A bouquet of every bit of happiness
All you are, pink
A spectrum of awe and wonder
A heart full of love
All you are, pink
A reason to believe in a world where roses bloom
A smile worth everything in this world
All you are, pink
All I am, pink
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