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Mar 2015 · 618
glad we talked
Lou Sasol Mar 2015
oh I'm still alive
she said I'm ready for you
i made the bed
the blossoms are new
how sweet the song of life is
to listen and enjoy and remember
this isn't a quiz.
Feb 2015 · 571
sonic clock
Lou Sasol Feb 2015
Who needs alarms, that wake us to soon,
We simile out of slumber at the sound of Ka Boom!
No need to be timid,  fresh powders too deep:
get up and get out and
conquer the steeps!
warren miller needs an oscar
Feb 2015 · 694
porch swingin'
Lou Sasol Feb 2015
****** if i
don't have it made,
porch swinging with some lemon aid,
bobber twitching there in the shade.
Weber smoking our ribs are laid.
warm peach pie cause we just got paid
last my Martin on which I serenade
Jan 2015 · 2.0k
Heaven can wait audition
Lou Sasol Jan 2015
you said i had no talent:
that models have no rap.
i tried to sing Sinatra,
you sneered and that was that.
at least i went down swinging,
so what it was a miss?
Community Theater Director:
why offer a diss?
i never tried again
Jan 2015 · 337
2015 Snow
Lou Sasol Jan 2015
i have this mountain
it's part of me.
it gets so lonesome
here by the sea.
we pine and fret,
will my edges hold?
will i respond?
not be timid not too bold?
lets have fun,
and crave some turns
where is our snow?
must drive to learn.
global warming is real y'all
Dec 2014 · 436
Lou Sasol Dec 2014
Pete liked to rent his splitters:
deliveries were the best.
The times we spent together
with saw dust in our vests.
He understood his buddies
if told "just need a day,"
We liked to demo splitters so
Pete gave them all a play.
Then head on over to Zepher
some lame was out of gas,
Stop to scarf a burger,
then drive to save his ***.
Pete understood the woods
and dropped his spoog at night
Rangers took their samples;
but moisture  was not right.
He is sadly gone now
the trees will miss him still
it's only cause I loved the man
and guess i always will.
Pete was my late brother. RIP
Dec 2014 · 672
to Rhonda
Lou Sasol Dec 2014
Amber just so mean!
some say south of scary.
opponents have been known to whine:
"her looks will curdle dairy"
her corners say she goes though folks,
but we all see the cleanest
adversaries all line up,
and vote this girl the meanest.
She hands out lumps, scars and bruises
and when she's done some been known:
to have a nose the oozes.
Dec 2014 · 308
Lou Sasol Dec 2014
my lady tells me
"its only winter time"
but she's not found the secret
or found that special line.
sweet surrender is what she knows,
but color me gone:
when it starts to snow.
vokle mantra and clear blue days
is there any better way
Dec 2014 · 409
Lou Sasol Dec 2014
is the inscription on
the tombstone where he lies,
Dead he is not, but

the poet never dies.
Dec 2014 · 3.0k
Lou Sasol Dec 2014
Man is the only animal that blushes,
or needs to.
sl clemens, following the equator
chapter 27
Dec 2014 · 280
His passion still
Lou Sasol Dec 2014
his passion still to
covet general praise,
his life he forfeits
in a thousand ways.
Dec 2014 · 635
season opens
Lou Sasol Dec 2014
with flat regard
our paths are chosen
but it gets hard.
to see the rocks
and barren ground.
we wait some more
for natures mounds.
7% terrain total terrain?
charge too much lets just refrain
Dec 2014 · 364
warming trend
Lou Sasol Dec 2014
we see it working,
its every day
the global warming is here to stay
resorts are stymied
they lost their way,
cram the riders
to earn their pay.
what's the answer? please do tell,
or are we slipping into  hello
everybody do your part,
try a solution that's really smart.
try not to ski or ride unless it dumps
Dec 2014 · 240
music and prose
Lou Sasol Dec 2014
want to write a song so fine?
start to write and make it rhyme.
Give a listen to the songs of past,
you just may see their path at last.
Nov 2014 · 272
poems free
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
for all to use
all are here for you to chose

just like kids
we set them free
and our prayers for them to be
used for good to spread the joy
for all the folks  both girls and boys
won't find copyrights here
Nov 2014 · 391
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
Early morning skien of geese,
their cadence marks the course.
They're headed for our pasture pond
where we once loved our horse.
They glide on in with silence now,
all sounds are laid to rest...
the final skim the surface clear we
count them with the best.
for sure as sunsets pass the tests,
Sonoma County is always blessed.
where great wines are born and the report of geese in cadence is heard.
Nov 2014 · 293
sunday morning
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
Poets find it easy,
to love the girl they've wed.
So off i go for Moocha now
to find her in still in bed.
back in a flash
Nov 2014 · 948
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
Seneca told us,
with a measure of gladness,
there is no genius
without tinter of madness.
No wonder i thought
when feeling so blue,
so crazy in love i've fallen for you!
Lucius Annaeus Seneca :Roman Writer
Nov 2014 · 680
being married
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
It's once again our saturday
And home sweet home my baby stay
i'll please her in my special way
its how well spend our saturday.
sleep late, cuddle, brunch out
Nov 2014 · 217
another love poem...
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
You're tender arms have called to me,
i surrender with remedy.
With all my strength i give to you,
So you may know my love is true.
lets stay together
Nov 2014 · 379
drought out west
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
Summers gardens were rife with scent,
Our time of planting was well spent.
Now mother earth will give us grain,
Lord, please, we could use more rain.
Nov 2014 · 12.6k
on winter storms
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
Snow, sweet snow,
come again...
Laden those tree tops to their brim.
Got good gear to keep us warm,
All we need is a perfect storm.
4 Wheel drive will get us there,
find us smiling on first chair.
heaven knows we passed the tests,
Issue forth for we're all blessed.
riding on snow is the way to go.
Nov 2014 · 541
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
What do i see,
if i'm riding my Kite?
Darting and dancing,
to the clouds that i like.
Colors are streaming, soft
winds that will lift,
3/4 oz ripstop
what a marvelous gift.
Then land in the end
soft tube i do seek.
until breeze beacons,  again i will greet!
Delta kites ride high on the wind, not against it.
Nov 2014 · 342
throws like a girl....
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
Mo'ne Davis
I salute your arm.
The style you pitch you sure disarm.
How fast would you throw , if you could?
All batters shuffle , to grab some wood.
Look out future here she comes...
to watch each game, it sure is fun.
Congats to the SF Giants in 2014
Nov 2014 · 259
modern poetry
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
the time it takes,
to do it right
will craft a poem thats
out of sight.
But prose that drafted
seems done real fast,
without a cadence it just won't last
For all the greats worked and toiled
So their poems would not be spoiled.
prose is great
don't get me wrong
it just won't work in here or song
Nov 2014 · 224
poets sharing
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
Poets use words to let others share

Try to help others emote  and care

The love we have  is long and true

I'm ****** lucky that I chose  you.
Nov 2014 · 351
our pommie
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
We have this Pom who just won't howl.

He'll sit and rumble, its not a growl

We know he's ready and set to bite

he gets cranky often, when it's late at night

he rides with me, on my bike

all self trained it's what he likes

sits real still, perched on my knee
perhaps you'll see us his names Codi
alas he was attacked recently without provocation and lost an eye. he's doing fine but there goes his modeling days.
Nov 2014 · 578
Dachsund love
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
The grass is greener

Under my wiener!
he was a ball park frank for holloween
Nov 2014 · 440
epithet #2
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
Bless all travelers, who pause right here

Bring them mirth and be of good cheer

And Lord Bless those who leave this mound

Grant a smile for what they've found.
Nov 2014 · 2.7k
The Pelican
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
What a marvelous bird is the pelican,

His beak can hold more than his belly can!

he can hold in his beak,
enough fish for a week

But I'll be ****** if I know how the hell he can!
My mom shared this with me  long ago. I really miss her 'cause she really showed A better way to pass lives tests
And now I pray her soul is Blessed.

— The End —