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Lou Sasol Mar 2015
oh I'm still alive
she said I'm ready for you
i made the bed
the blossoms are new
how sweet the song of life is
to listen and enjoy and remember
this isn't a quiz.
Lou Sasol Feb 2015
Who needs alarms, that wake us to soon,
We simile out of slumber at the sound of Ka Boom!
No need to be timid,  fresh powders too deep:
get up and get out and
conquer the steeps!
warren miller needs an oscar
Lou Sasol Feb 2015
****** if i
don't have it made,
porch swinging with some lemon aid,
bobber twitching there in the shade.
Weber smoking our ribs are laid.
warm peach pie cause we just got paid
last my Martin on which I serenade
Lou Sasol Jan 2015
you said i had no talent:
that models have no rap.
i tried to sing Sinatra,
you sneered and that was that.
at least i went down swinging,
so what it was a miss?
Community Theater Director:
why offer a diss?
i never tried again
Lou Sasol Jan 2015
i have this mountain
it's part of me.
it gets so lonesome
here by the sea.
we pine and fret,
will my edges hold?
will i respond?
not be timid not too bold?
lets have fun,
and crave some turns
where is our snow?
must drive to learn.
global warming is real y'all
Lou Sasol Dec 2014
Pete liked to rent his splitters:
deliveries were the best.
The times we spent together
with saw dust in our vests.
He understood his buddies
if told "just need a day,"
We liked to demo splitters so
Pete gave them all a play.
Then head on over to Zepher
some lame was out of gas,
Stop to scarf a burger,
then drive to save his ***.
Pete understood the woods
and dropped his spoog at night
Rangers took their samples;
but moisture  was not right.
He is sadly gone now
the trees will miss him still
it's only cause I loved the man
and guess i always will.
Pete was my late brother. RIP
Lou Sasol Dec 2014
Amber just so mean!
some say south of scary.
opponents have been known to whine:
"her looks will curdle dairy"
her corners say she goes though folks,
but we all see the cleanest
adversaries all line up,
and vote this girl the meanest.
She hands out lumps, scars and bruises
and when she's done some been known:
to have a nose the oozes.
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