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29/F/USA    Hello, I’m Grace! Jesus is my Prophet, Priest, King and Best Friend.
Anne Curtin
57/F/Mounds View MN    Poetry is Yrteop spelled backward
21/F/Sol III    Probably fucking up my life idk
Imran Islam
27/M/🍁✓Lure Pot ✓🍁    []
a m a n d a
I never know where my mind will take me I never know what my fingers will type I never know what healing will come But ...
46/M/Montréal, Québec, Canada    Singer, composer, arranger, closeted lifelong poet. I write poems mostly to tame the multitude of thoughts that fly around my bipolar, ADHD brain, and just ...
Whit Howland
Are you really seeing what you think you are seeing? The illusion of profundity. All Rights Reserved
22/M/Utah    I'm sad, I've been hurt, I turn it into poetry. Hope it can help you if you need it
Wandering and wondering, around and about.
Nellie 55
M/Wonderland    I use my writing skills to Express feelings that people don't get or care about. This site is amazing because all the options and stories ...
Screenwriter in waiting.
Harshitha Girish
16/F/India    I'm a river. I go with the flow, because life is such, friend!
20/F    bittersweet nothings
Poetic T
On Oblivions Doorstep    I am that which was once many stars but faded reborn under a different name Darkness is my tether enjoy my many shades.. Once the ...
27/F    writing about and with my depression. ||-//
33/M/NC    My favorite poet is Banjo Paterson. I know, not exactly Seamus Heaney, but I like Paterson's straight forwardness. I always called poetry "an over glorified ...
(N)ow(Y)ou(C)an    All Rights Reserved by: Onoma
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