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 Jun 2020 Lotte Weiss
We must speak out now,
And pull the rug from where it was swept.
It’s our duty to take action
For the behaviour you ignore,
Is the behaviour you accept.
Whistling a tune
Whilst the ocean waves good bye;
Forever stuck in my own mind.

My thoughts are too loud,
deafening even,
Like an eruption in my skull.

An ocean waving both good bye and hello.
Pointlessly waiting for a response.

what is there to do,
besides- sleep -nobody listens anyway,
So like the ocean, I retire as the moon rises:

into darkness.
 May 2020 Lotte Weiss
Roda Mahmud
Resentment turns into acceptance, the moment you realize that they never intented to hurt you.
 May 2020 Lotte Weiss
Don't ever put yourself or others up on a pedestal
people will become dizzy when their heads are in the clouds

if you're up on one, figure out a way to come down
that's not where you belong, for falling from grace
will be hard and painful

pedestals and human relationships don't work very well
the world often creates sacred monsters
 May 2020 Lotte Weiss
lost in seamless dreams
between last rays leaving night
safely in my arms
Just because you are in love
Doesn't mean he is
He just loves your words
Because they make his poems
Like trees make a forest
Waiting for the right poet
I hope you understand this one.
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