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  Aug 2017 annvelope
You're at your lonliest when you have people beside you.
annvelope Apr 2017
Ayah nampak penat, rehat Ayah.
Cukup lah bertahun Ayah membanting tulang,
Sakit penat tak pernah Ayah mengadu mengeluh.

Rehat Ayah, Ayah sudah penat.
Biar aku yang membantu Ayah.
Selamat Ulang Tahun Ayah.
annvelope Feb 2017
I find it hard to move forward. I hope you are not doing good, but missing me instead.
annvelope Feb 2017
You said
" Tell me would you give us one more try
Cause, I've been thinking about you "

And I said
" No, give us time...let us rest"

Cause baby I ain't the place for you run to when things got you lonely.
annvelope Nov 2016
When you reach out to grasp something that you know is not there.
annvelope Jun 2016
The moment you left, is the moment i learn to grow up; And be independent.
annvelope May 2016
I chose your string but you let me go
painted walls red with the distress
I wanted love but I gained myself
without you here, I see common sense
I've got a clear head and a soul to match
won't ever make a mistake like that again
I'll paint my lips red before your neck
I'll create a canvas from all the pain
you're a life lesson, I'm not a rebound
I am independent, I am strong at mind
I will progress to be who I am
with red lips before a broken heart
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