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David Stresow Apr 2014
Playing through the speakers of the radio
is what makes our time go slow
slowly take my hand and hold it tight
let the sunset go
and name the stars in the sky
watch the darkness grow
and wish for this night
to be remembered in detail
replaying the tune countless times
countless emotions but so calm
just let this night belong to our song
<3 read this poem to "Never My Love" by The Association **
It takes you into a summer daydream of swimming in the night with fireworks ablaze<3
David Stresow Apr 2014
I know I must be crazy
to feel something so extreme
when I see you my muscles tighten
and I heat up to a dangerous degree

I know I might be insane
to feel something so severe
when I see you my breath goes away
and it never reappears
David Stresow Apr 2014
I can think about everything,
but rather think of nothing.
The feeling of not having a mind to hold
makes it all exciting.

Anxious, I don't know what to say except I'd rather dream.
Dreaming of you changes everything and makes the bad not seem.
David Stresow Apr 2014
Jump in the lake
see what it would take
for you to jump with me
Under the stars
we'd never awake
David Stresow Apr 2014
I can't escape my thoughts
The feeling I feel just has got
to be stuck like a dream
I've dreamt but not forgot

But the feeling is more
than I can say
It's like a billion drugs
that it contains
drugging me up
into space
it feels so dramatic
yet in bed I just lay
Imagining an impossible fairytale forever and ever<3
David Stresow Apr 2014
Nothings changed and life's still grey
but being grey with you
oh those were the days
Now the night is always calling for me
I'll go to be only physically free
but if I saw you where you always were
and you didn't object for us to blur
I'd be awakened and wouldn't care
to be numb and blind by you being there
longing to go back to a time with you<3
David Stresow Apr 2014
Look at the stars,
and tell me where we are
while it's pitch-black dark
and cars pass so fast
we lose our balance

Look at me in
a gaze from our sins
while it's midnight dim
and we pale under lights
of a gas station
I wrote this about a love that's unspoken but definitely there

— The End —