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People ask me frankly,
"Why live as an owl in the night?"
I answer
You can see things in the dark impossible to see in the light

"Why sleep your days away?"
When you're awake, life only has one perspective, but when you're dreaming, perspective is limitless

"And why not speak your truth to the world?"
There is more to learn in silence than there is in conversation
Dont give up
On the real you
Just because
Others thought
You were
Someone else
She gives herself permission to have
Days of doubt
Grieve in silence
Just lay around

She gives herself permission to
Not to be herself
Not to smile
Hide and cry

The she is me and I am her
I give myself permission
To let my emotions
Sometimes take over

Give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you need or want to feel without carrying the guilt of not “being yourself”
36 hours have past
after your last breath

59 years of memories
is all i have left
we do not write poetry
we write mirrors
which are held up
to curious faces
who read
looking for their
own reflections
I need my solitude
like the sunflowers
need the sun.
I have dreams
that only you can
make come
You closed the door on
me and I closed the door on
everybody else

10:04 PM
How many times can
the same thing destroy your heart?
I think I've lost count

8:34 PM
I have never been
anyone's favorite person-
wouldn't that be nice?

12:00 AM
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