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Cynthia 5d
Our story is piano music,

You drew me into your life,
Rescued me from a parched land.
The touch of your kiss was a tilt of your hand,
Water cascades down my throat,
And to you does my heart devote.

A decisive beginning,
The chords sing clear.
Fingers fly quickly,
Unknown are our tears.

Then comes development,
I was hooked on your essence.
Strawberry lips my salvation,
Emerald eyes my soul’s fluorescence.

Fingers between fingers,
Hearts intertwined.
We were inseparable,
Our edges combined.

But blades cut through where our lips parted for breath,
And dark forces taught me the meaning of death.
Tendrils of midnight made me their pupil,
They taught me how to lie,
While you continued to fly.

Stormy intersection of your demons and mine,
Scales run torrid and minor.
The velvet twilight and thunder align,
Wrists question the monochrome designer.

Charcoal blossoms burst from my chest,
They climb up my throat and swell in my breast.
My days tint grey and night seems to persist,
But these onyx florets absorb the chilling mist.

Your wildflower gaze turns dark with fear,
Our love emaciated.
I’m starving from lack of your luscious kisses.
Your cheeks are stained with tears.

Now recapitulation,
Exquisite crux of our salvation.
I look at you with fading eyes,
Tell you my lungs are screaming.
Five million breaths and my vision keeps fading.
You crash your lips against mine in despair,
And forevermore you are my air.

Dear darling please save me,
Please never let go.
Take and drown me in your embrace,
Rescue me with your glow.

In the face of your artistry,
My dark flora loses life,
It perishes and retreats,
Cut with a knife.

The music surrounds our tender infinity,
Major keys making their return to divinity.
Daylight is coming and the night queen beckons.
Our bodies connect as the shooting stars fall,
Responding to their royalty’s call.

We are together beneath the fading crescent moon,
Shrouded in ethereal melody of daybreak.
Bygone our despondent spring of development,
Countless notes among us strewn.
Like so many fallen leaves in autumn,
Our tree was stripped bare before peace flowered in wake.

The pianist of the universe takes a moment to waver,
Its abstract fingers skimming.
With a promising smile,
I learn the final chord’s flavor,
Shades of bitter and sweet in compile.

The sun shatters the bottom of sky,
And still its light relents to your eyes.
The grass is cool against our back,
Our interlocked hands filling all cracks.

Your lips caress along my ear.
Sonata-Allegro will color our history,
But my angel, my soul,
Your voice is my theme.
For as long as music flows through my veins,
You are the melody of my every dream.
Cynthia 5d
I walk into your toxic depths.
Scarlet dress,
Bold as anything,
Ribbons trailing behind in rivers of blood.
Ghostly light dances over my skin,
Almost unsure,
As though I didn’t belong here,
My presence too thunderous and filled with allure.

Toeing the edge of danger like a child who does not know fear,
I thought I was anchored to safety.
But your svelte whispers caress against my skin,
A thousand million temptations.
I crash deep into your rabbit hole,
Falling until the ends of my scarlet ribbons disappear.

You bind me now with an unforgiving chain,
Punishment for daring to be so vain.

Scarlet is your prerogative,
The color you cut from the rainbow and called your own,
Well spread knowledge,
No one dares touch or they must atone.

My dress hangs in tatters,
I crash to my knees.
Offer you a singular rose.
White on its own,
Dyed crimson with my pounding heart,
Color gushing from slices I compose.
A violent work of abstract art,
Purity stained with toxins of my veins.

My eyes are locked upon this blossom,
FIngers trembling around the stem,
Thorns tear through my delicate flesh,
A welcome pain.
Make me bleed.
For you I scour my insides afresh.

With a rake of your claws,
It withers away,
Petals crumbling to dust,
Overflowing with disdain.
A silent scream burns me like alcohol on a winter night,
The core of my life flickers and loses its light.

Please cut me open,
Dear monster I crave,
Spill my heart upon the floor,
Make my lifeblood your slave.
Gather a thousand white roses,
A million or more,
Put them in my shaking hands,
Drown them in my grave.

You will see then,
I am scarlet at my core.

— The End —