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xie Jul 2016
The sun shined
His bright glory gleaming
Smile costs more than a dime
His glorious shine beaming

And there’s the moon
who silence the night
to declare the sun’s doom
and keeps the love out of sight

sun and moon,
Romeo and Juliet
a story made by fate
a love that ended soon

nobody knew the story behind
how the sun suffered and died
for the moon to live and breathe
and for everyday to repeat

They were worlds apart
But not even the universe
Can forbid their love to start
And their love to disperse

But on one fateful night
Power was given for them to meet
A moment without fright
Leaving the problems on their feet

The rest of the world watched in awe
how the moon gets kisses
by the sun that she misses
the day of eclipse winning the love they fought

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xie Jul 2016
Life is full of mistakes
A world full of fakes
A world of dark reality
That can change your personality

As a kid you see color
A world without horror
Everything seems perfect and great
But what’s hidden under is hate

As we grow old
We became bold
A reality we used to ignore
Until we want it no more

Lights were dimmed
Demons were seen
Once were lost and gone
We can never be found

Wrist were cut
To form an art
Pain will be evident
When our body is full of dent

Now, I ask you this
What is life
a world that is fair?
or a trip to nowhere?

xie Jul 2016
At the start of this year
I ended my life
knowing that there's no worth.
I'm not worth it

Every night at 3 am
I told myself that no one would
notice I'm gone or
cry over me

My friends would be better without me
my parents would be glad that they no longer
have to put up with me
But that's where I'm wrong

This boy from class who
borrowed a pen from me
but didn't gave it back
kept the pen and valued it

this girl I hardly spoke to
cries herself to sleep
blaming herself that if
she talked to me she could've saved me

my mother tries
to sleep in my room
wanting to feel my warmth
while drowning in tears

my dad won't stop wasting
everything he worked for
because there's no point
I'm gone

my teacher who forced me
to speak in front of the class
kept my last essay
rereading it over and over again

but that's the thing
they only did it
when they know that
I'm long gone and dead

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xie Jul 2016
wrists were cut
to form an art
these eyes are crying
to tell a story

I need a human diary. I need someone rn.
xie Jul 2016
he will make you think he loved you
he will whisper all the sweet things you want to hear
he will make you feel whole
he will protect you from your fears

but then it's just a facade
an act to bring you down with your barricade
don't get used to his warmth
because he will leave and disappear from your sight

you will no longer hear his sweet whispers
you will no longer feel the emotions he brings
he promised forever
but forever doesn't exist does it?

-- a.v. --
xie Apr 2016
Happy thoughts.
That's what you gave
Through those 3 am convos
That reaches from night to day

you told me stories,
Stories about your life
While looking up at the sky which is starry
And you happened to make me smile

I don't know how
But you managed to make me fall
I was in love deep down
I almost forgot that nothing lasts at all

You told me sweet things
That made me think
Is this just a game
With no one to blame?

Days, weeks, months passed
We lost contact
You don't know how big the impact
Because I want us to last

xie Mar 2016
people asked
"why are you so sad?"
I'm not sad nor happy
I'm just not a fan of reality

They would always say
"why not go to therapy"
to talk to people about my dark thoughts?
or how I hate the reality?

they thought that I was just sad
I'm not just sad. I'm dead
people are blinded by happiness
they have no idea what will happen next

thoughts of mine which ***** sorry.
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