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lost girl Oct 2014
My mother always tells me--
"Sweetie make sure you're not out too late, you wouldn't want to get *****.
You never know what will happen when you're walking the streets alone, always carry your phone.
Honey, never dress too provocatively you never know which eyes will see.
So please, cover up. Are you sure you don't want to wear the fleece?
There are sick people in this world
always be aware, you can't trust anyone anymore.
Never leave the house late and alone
You might not come home.
Always pick up the phone.
Honey, I want you to come home."

My mother is always telling me this and I am sure many other parents are having this talk with their daughters about this as well. It's sad that the world has come to this. That humans have resorted to taking away others rights. That they have made others live in fear. Little girls shouldn't have to hear this and grown women shouldn't have to constantly look over their shoulder when walking at night. Women shouldn't have to live in fear of other humans taking advantage of them. They shouldn't have to considered being ***** when walking out at night or when picking out what to wear.
It's sad that things are like this now.
lost girl Oct 2014
I'm sorry I can't be more metaphorical and compare you to a summers day. I just don't write that way.

( a.d)
  Oct 2014 lost girl
your love is boring,
to put it nicely.
fit too well,
and you write like you're dying --
dripping words of broken hearts
and people made of cracked marble.
you don't believe in young love,
and yet every word out of your mouth
is about the boy that has your mind
(and heart)
wrapped around his finger.
you find beauty in the same self-destruction
within which he finds chaos.
you love him,
he loves you,
and you are finally all you never wanted to be.

but i guess that's all too common
when you pair a thunderstorm
with a tornado.

i guess that's all too common
when you go looking for love
in all the wrong places.

i guess that's all too common
when you fall in love
with a broken compass.


whatever makes you happy, dear.
lost girl Oct 2014
H a p p y*
Maybe if I say it enough times
Or if I crack enough smiles
I might start believing it
And stop spitting out so many lies.

lost girl Oct 2014
I'm alive but I'm not living
I'm walking around as if I am in a trance
I think I even forgot how to dance.
I am going through the motions
But I can never catch a chance --
A chance
to slow down and pause for a second
or maybe two
maybe then I would be able to see
what is really true.

lost girl Oct 2014
Do you think it's bad that i don't want my scars to heal?
that I want them to stay as a reminder of the years
that I tortuted myself with the blade of self harm
never forgiving myself and constantly doing harm

lost girl Oct 2014
The most beautiful words
Come from the most ****** up minds
So tortured and sorrowful that you begin to wonder where the enemy lies
Is it inside
Or somewhere beyond?
Can it be stopped from causing so much harm?

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