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Let's be a bit like trees.
Grounded by their roots digging deep in the Earth. Adapting to the weather - be it  hail, wind  and storm ; and Being a shelter to living creatures be them great or small.
Trees which have been Planted by our forefathers and which will outlive each one of us.
Trees which are Stationary and silent yet strong and rooted.
Some trees are straight, others are crooked - all powerful nonetheless.
The cycle of life turns their leaves yellow as the leaves wither and fall. Spring regenerates them transforming trees with  bright colours, fruit and flowers.

Be patient.
What has the power to destabilise the economy;
shut down schools;
put millions of people under lockdown; inspire people to buy inordinate amounts of toilet paper;
wish they had never gone on that cruise and cause global uncertainty, fear and mayhem.

Yet is invisible to the naked eye, inaudible, cannot be per se physically touched and is borderline between living and non living?
Lorna Lornelia Aug 2018
Oh how glorious life would be
To have no life or song within!
A need for no bones, no cells
No vessels or no muscles
Pumping nothing; needing nothing.

Oh how glorious life would be
To feel no pain
And see no stain.
Nothing gory; nothing sorry
Only a body in its glory.

How victorious it should be
To feel the wind; to be the wind.
Floating and flying,
Needing no sense of time;
Needing no sense of rhyme.

Letting Earth's beauty astound,
Its colours delight
and its melody transcend to hope, light and might.
Lorna Lornelia Jun 2018
In the stillness of the night
Across the river, under the stars
A Silhouette of a dancer

Sits lone dancer
Dreaming of a holding hand.
Whispering in the silence
For no ears to hear.

Once the crowd cheered
Now the light has ebbed
The glory is over
The name long forgot.

The dancer looks up
To the moonlit sky
Counting the stars
To a million and one.

A shadow appears
Embracing dancer warm.
A lover long dead
A lover and friend.

Now A pair of wings each
both dancing in the skies.
Dancer no more lonely
Dancer no more alive.
Lorna Lornelia May 2018
Far away, eons away from home  
A child is praying to the stars,
Underneath the canopy of milky way
Is round lone moon, beaming  in delight -
Echoed by the sea
As midnight strikes
And wishes are granted to those  whose  lives hang within a dream.

Here the colour  yellow floods back in each vein
The flowers bloom back to their glory
Whilst the earth breathes harmoniously
As silence becomes poetry.
Lorna Lornelia Mar 2018
Droplets of rain
Pitter patter on glass panes,
Leaving a trail
Like dew on red rose petals.

The lightning strikes
Shattering and trembling the Earth.
The sky looms dark
Now a flash of white.

Heavy clouds
Move hastily,
Obscuring the heavens
And stars and moon.
Cars honk their horns
So much traffic and danger does cause.

A stillness.

clouds ebb away
Revealing a bright white orb whilst
stars flutter their lids
Underneath the deep blue skies.
Lorna Lornelia Dec 2017
If I had
But a semblance of what I have always wished for
I would be
Only the happiest of all.
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