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Jan 2 · 56
Gene for jazz
Lorelaj Jan 2
Funky saxophone
giving beat,
Swinging and jazzing
like we’re elite.
When all the jitterbugs
finally meet-
It’s like the roaring twenties
in our heartbeat.
Dec 2018 · 69
How to wear depression
Lorelaj Dec 2018
We all take depression differently.
Some people use it as a joke,
others take it as an advantage
and some others have it as a toxic friend that always follows them around.

And we all show it differently.
Like make up, some go ful coverage, with tone of powder and shadow, to hide their imperfection,
but some wear it natural, to deal with their imperfection.

We all dress it differently.
There are people who dress it black and people who dress it colorful
There are people who dress it with sweaters and hats and scarves and people who only dress it with thin towel.

But actually it doesn’t matter how we wear depression because we will never be able to hide it from the most important ones- ourselves.
Dec 2018 · 103
Wintry lust
Lorelaj Dec 2018
When the night came
we laid down
in wintry cold sheets

And we were just lying there
in passionate silence
No one knows for how long

All i know is that when                                we have spoken again
sheets weren’t cold anymore

They became pleasantly hot.

— The End —