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Pedro Vialle Oct 2019
Ever so gently
lay your head on my shoulder
dreaming of a better place
while I'll be awake
fighting your nightmares away
and when you wake up
I'll still be here
and I swear to be, for ever,
                                                           ­                                              your love
Pedro Vialle Dec 2019
Maybe it's fate
for me to be
only ever seen
as a shadow on the wall
of people's minds and memory
Sometimes I wonder if not being of worth to none is a blessing... It sure feels lonely, tough (also, once again, my rhyming *****... Sorry 'bout that)
Up here
on this lonely hill
may my voice be heard
by the stars in their heights
may my cries go far
riding on the howling wind
and may my final breath
one last stand of defiance
let all know
that yes, I fell
but I gone down swinging
*Queues Théoden's speech at the fields of Pelennor* DEATH!
I was watching The Return of the King (Lord of the Rings) and this one came to me
Pedro Vialle Feb 2019
In a world full of people
it is truly sad to feel alone
To be invisible
in the midst of your own
But then again
to live is to die
and maybe in death my soul will matter
or will I disappear whitout leaving a sign?
Pedro Vialle Apr 2019
I tought that seeing you
walking down that path
away from me and getting further
never looking back
was going to hurt me
but it wasn't true
'cause I want to see you happy
as I couldn't make you
To see someone You love move on is sad... But then again, if They are happy, so should We be!
Pedro Vialle Nov 2019
Heavy lies my head
crowned in rusty iron
sitting on a broken throne
ruling over a realm of broken dreams
my knights all hollowed
armors blazed in dragonfire
my people screaming
through the starless night
for the walls have crumbled
and here I lie
sword at hand and tears dry
as Mordred and Morgana beckons
for they are my doom
and so I shall be theirs
A little attempt on making a poem in a different way of what I normally to do...
Pedro Vialle Dec 2018
Oh Moon, take me away,
to a place where I can be myself,
and be it with the one I love.
And when thy brother, the Sun,
shines again upon the lands o' man,
may it shine in a new day,
when I'll be happier,
and me heart lighter
Pedro Vialle Jul 2019
I wish I knew why
people keep giving me stuff to carry
when I already have so much on my chest
No rhymes today, just some tears
Pedro Vialle Jun 2019
I wish I had happy things to write
lots of happy stuff, with more to make it rhyme
but these days my eyes are all tears
and my heart aches as much as it beats
so for now, no sunshine and rainbows
nor joy or jolly conversation
only cold and dark
irony and snark
words of regret and fear
lonesome and horrific feels
it's all I have to say and- oh, hi love!
Forget what I just said
It's kinda amazing how just seeing someone you love make our days brighter
Pedro Vialle Sep 2019
Tick and Tock
goes the clock
and I'm here
standing still
with my heart
much like a watch
beating soundly
at its will
but nowadays
I'm feeling weird
like I'm missing parts
of my mechanism
so my gears go round
but with clinks and clacks
instead of gently sounding
the bells on time
Lord, I feel broken
maybe beyond repair
doomed to be forgotten
in a corner somewhere
ticking and tocking
in all the wrong ways
until I turn silent forever
Not even twice a day I've been alright lately..
Pedro Vialle Aug 2019
A chained angel
with shredded wings
a room full of people
screaming at him
lusting for his blood
calling out his demise
taunting him with words:
"Oh, little bird, why don't you fly?"
And one day I shall fly, my wings finally open, ever reaching for the sunrise...
Pedro Vialle Jan 8
My heart beats
but that ain't life
and I still breath
but I think, why should I?
why should I
if my tomorrow
is the same than yesterday's blight?
Oh, what a curse it is
to live like this
and to keep on living
whitout reason, whitout...
well, without
Hey everyone! It's a whole new year, but I'm still sad and I still can't rhyme properly...
Pedro Vialle Aug 2019
All around my world crumbles
no peace or love in me
and yet, after so many years
I can't shed a single tear
I guess I'm just used to it. It's kinda scary, to be honest...
Pedro Vialle Aug 2019
Star-struck by your eyes
the magic in them shining on me
with such an angelic light...
Oh Lord, there's no other place I want to be
Pedro Vialle Mar 2019
I walked among the old trees
hearing the rustling of the dried leaves
feeling my feet sinking lightly into the mushy earth
while around me the wind was playing a song
and by the river the water meandered in it's shallow bed
In the middle of all this, there was me
so young in a much older world
and when my truths were washed away
I knew the fears I had were no more
Pedro Vialle Sep 2019
I fell
right from the sky
going down really fast
piercing through the clouds
then the ground got close
everything went boom
and when the smoke cleared up
there was only You
Pedro Vialle Dec 2019
Nothing stays
nothing lasts
everything fades
in a blink of an eye
So enjoy things, I guess... While you have 'em
Pedro Vialle May 2019
I wish I wasn't this fool
to not be oblivious to all your moves
as we danced together along
to the marvelous song
of two beating hearts
Lord help me and my messy mind
Pedro Vialle Aug 2019
To feel cold
when hugged by a friend
to feel alone
among so many others
maybe this is
the winter of my soul
Pedro Vialle Feb 2019
I turned my heart into stone
to survive all those years
it was to avoid being hurt by someone
and muffle the sound of my tears

It was hardened and heavy
cold to the touch
it made me feel weary
like I was carrying  the weight of world

Nowadays my heart is red again
muscle and blood, emotion and tought
but sometimes I miss my cold stone walls
as it hurts to be human
Pedro Vialle Oct 2019
I feel I have a hole
where something was meant to be
but it never was there
so it's just empty
now and then it makes me cry
but it's alright, alright
always alright, never a let down
a weakness it is
and God forbids
I'll let anyone see that
for this ****** life made me a rock
so here I'll stay, forever
my tears slowly turning me to sand
Pedro Vialle Nov 2018
I'm all alone,
ghosts of past pains haunting my sleep,
and boy, oh boy, I'm going mad for sure.
Their voices too loud, the images too bright,
too real for me to bear...
All the memories I fought so hard to forget, and yet,
I fail to defeat.
So here i shall stay,
in this glass walled room,
able to see trough the thin barrier all those people,
the ones who said they loved me too.
Bound by heavy shackles,
that are too large for my wrists:
Yes, I could escape...
But why take the risk?
Why leave the comfortable darkness,
that always embraces my sleep,
for the dangers of a happy and luminous life,
filled with the uncertainty?
Pedro Vialle Nov 2018
I can't take it anymore.
No, seriously. There's not a chance I will continue here.
Cause here's where all my dreams came to die.
Now's when all my emotions fell apart.
So why should I keep going on?
And then the answer echoes trough my mind,
an relentless thunder, breaking all my doubts:
Your name. Always your name, flooding my toughts.
And as You embrace me, and as I sense your sweet scent,
I know, deep in my weary heart,
that till the very end,
We shall be here, together.
Pedro Vialle Jun 2019
I wonder
if there is something else
than the tears that fall from my eyes
or the mess in my own head
if there is indeed
something other than this
I want it
Oh Lord, I need it
Kinda messy, but words come from feelings, so it felt right
Pedro Vialle Feb 2019
Maybe one day I'll get up
shave, bath and put on some clothes
but for now there's no reason
to leave my dim and dank prison
for the world is for those who feel something
and all that I feel is nothing
Pedro Vialle Jul 2019
Memories of old
creeping inside
bringing back old ghosts
under the moonlit sky
I didn't sleep at all these past few nights... Oh anxiety, you heartless monster!
Pedro Vialle Aug 2019
I wish I was always inspired
by Light and all its daughters
by rainbows, sunny days
and afternoons filled with laughter
but Darkness
her rainy days and chilly nights
touches my heart in so many ways
I can hardly fight
So, I give in
letting it all flow trough me
turning my sorrow and tears
in this what you read
Pedro Vialle Apr 2019
Today was okay
nothing else, nothing much
just a day
when time went by the hours
with no one to see
and I was just there
oblivious to all but me
playing in my toughts
with all sorts of things
I love these days, when all I do is... well, nothing :)
Pedro Vialle May 2019
Today felt like an endless night
cold, cloudy and whithout stars
wind running trough the leafless trees
the winter chill freezing my feet
I really missed you today, my love
and how your voice made me feel so warm
how your eyes made me feel safe
and how your love made me feel alive
Everything is so cold when I'm alone...
Pedro Vialle Jun 2019
I'm tired
officially done
my mind feels broken
and my body does not respond
life became too heavy
my emotions too much to deal
the mirror shows nothing but trouble
a future seems so unreal
Maybe today, if I'm lucky
which sadly I usually ain't
will be the last of these awful
bleak, sad and terrible days
so let's just end it here
as I need to go and sleep
waiting for this night to end
and tomorrow to rise on me
Good Lord, things have not been great lately...
Pedro Vialle Aug 2019
It was quite windy today
and while looking outside
I suddenly realized
that my mind is like a yard
filled with dry leaves
all floating around
and me? I'm just running about
trying to catch 'em all
but when I'm almost over
sweating and making clouds with my breath
all the leaves fly away
leaving me standing there
tired of a work
that will lead me nowhere
Pedro Vialle Nov 2019
Freedom isn't free
it has a cost
so pay it in blood and soak on it, child
no matter what
let your tears
salt and dirt in your face
let them soak and rust your chains
for yes, the chains are peaceful
but tomorrow they will choke you
And pay that price gladly, never taking it for granted, for tomorrow it may not be yours anymore
Pedro Vialle Feb 2019
Some say
to be is to suffer
and others say
Life is there for us to enjoy
well, both are true
Because to live is to travel
in a long road
some parts good, some parts bad
but what really matters is the whole:
Our choices, our feelings
all the words we said, all the toughts we had
for in the end, it isn't our future:
it's what we left behind for others
Be kind to others and leave a better world wherever you go, as that's a major part of our afterlife: our mark in the mundane and in those who are still on it. If we can make their journey any easier, then we should, don't you think?
Pedro Vialle Apr 2019
Far in the sky
outside of my own mind
there is an infinite amount of light
so why?
why I delve into what's deep
when just an straight up look away
it's everything I need?
Whenever I feel trapped by my depression and anxiety, I look up and away into the night sky. It reminds me that the world is so much bigger than myself and there is so much more for me than my mind makes me belive!
Pedro Vialle Feb 2019
I was on the run
Heart beating to the sound of drums
seeing nothing but dark ahead
and the past chasing me down
When I fell
they played their wretched fanfare
then threw me into a wall
shooting me until they felt it was fair
Now, as I bleed to my death
drawing the last of my breaths
I smile with you in my mind
'cause they can break my body
but never my soul
Pedro Vialle Dec 2019
Maybe words
sounds and written
or even, if you may
the ones who ain't spoken
maybe they aren't enough
just maybe
all we need is a hug
to let everything turn to dust
so forget the past, I say
come close and be my friend again
and I promise
from the deepest of my heart
to not **** up this time
I miss my friend, I made some stupid mistakes  and I really don't know what to do (also the last line is weird. Sorry 'bout that)
Pedro Vialle Jul 2019
no one was calling for me
as I drowned alone
having no air in my lungs
my eyes seeing none
hands grasping my arms and feet
pulling me down into unknow
bubbles escape faintly
dark overcomes
Awful nightmare, felt so real...
Pedro Vialle Jun 2019
Sometimes it's easier
to live and let go
forget about what's done
looking only foward and above
to let the past turn to ash
and put the ghosts down to rest
to bury all there was
and never look back

But I dare to say, confident of truth
there's wisdom behind us
certainly something of use
not everything for sure
as mistakes were always made
but in those errors lies the wisdom
to not make them again

So yes, the future is bright
shining always in the distance
but never neglect your past
not even for an instant!

It made you
who you are today
they are gone, thanks the heavens
all those tears and pains
but they are ours, still
like it or not
so use them for you
maybe keep them in a ***
and open it once
in a while or a lot
go ahead make them yours
be like their King
and learn from yourself
what you were and what you may be
I dealt with a lot in all my not-so-many years of life. And I'm kinda tired of running from all that. Heartbreaks, disease, depression, let 'em come! My own history shall be my armor against the world...
Pedro Vialle Sep 2019
Hearing you breathing
softly on my chest
my skin burning
as I touch your hair
feeling your heart beating
so close to my own
makes me dream
all night long
and feel like in the sky
on my new found paradise
Pedro Vialle Mar 2019
Let me sit here
and let life go by me
and finally I'll be forgotten
left to be ash on the side of the road
stepped on like I always was
no value, no worth
no one to care
so end this, please
let go and forget
Why wouldn't you give up on me?
I'm just a rock in your way
so kick me to the side
and go away
before I ruin everything
like I always do
Pedro Vialle Jul 2019
A rolling stone gathers no moss
quite smart words, I must say
but alas, no bird lives away from a nest
and no seed grows on moving earth
so listen to me, young soul
let thy mind seek some rest
grow yer roots, try thy patience
and you shall see that it's best
to be at peace
than to be fast paced
and to have loved
than runned away
My grandmother always said that those who are patient and sturdy lives to see the world change
Pedro Vialle Nov 2018
I woke up by eight in the morning,
feeling a cold wind on my face,
so I looked up to the half opened window,
and it was cold and rainy day.
As I sat  on the edge of my bed,
feeling the heat of the night before leave me,
my skin started to feel cold,
and my toughts,
which where focused in you,
descend on the foggy hole where our dreams go.
And yet, as tough I had tought I could never forget what we had,
I felt all those moments turn into memories:
all that sadness turning into raindrops falling on my head,
all the happy times just fading into the past,
all of you, becoming a distant part of me.
I guess is time to close that window,
before anything else decides to disappear,
leaving me here,
just like you did,
for another long, long year...
Pedro Vialle Sep 2019
for your life
not knowing what way
danger comes from
red and blue lights
shots fired
stray bullets
easy targets
never the bad guy
but always the black no one
tell me, when?
when this will stop?
when all this spilled blood
will finally be enough?
**** all those uniformed *******, those hateful pigs! They're killing CHILDREN over here...
Pedro Vialle Feb 2019
Time doesn't go back
all moves foward like a train in it's track
But I wish that weren't the case
for when I look the kids outside
I miss so much of back in the day
And then I start to cry
my memories of old paying a visit
and I see how much I miss
All those things that never were
To miss something  (or someone) is already sad enough. But to miss something you never had... That's a tough pain to have in one's heart. (FYI Saudade is a word in Portuguese. There's no translation to it, but it means to miss something)
Pedro Vialle Apr 2019
I have this weight on my shoulders
this pain in my chest
because I just can't be the me
that all those people want me to be
yes, I may be broken
all over the place
lonely, weird and whatnot
but I'm me
and that, my dear
should be enough
I am what I am and people should just stop talking about how I should change. I'm me and that's it!
Pedro Vialle Mar 2019
I said words of love
but I regret doing this to You
don't get me wrong
then they were true
and yes, I love You
but not how I tought I would...
Hope I can be forgiven for this... I never wanted to hurt anyone, but I mistook a powerful friendship for something else and then things went very fast down the proverbial hill...
What to do in a situation like this? I'm just afraid to hurt anymore that I probably already did...
Pedro Vialle May 2019
Loud as thunder
swift as an arrow
shall We strike
the heart of doom
for ours is our fate
and tomorrow belongs to none
so there are no bounds
to what We can
Take your future for yourself
Pedro Vialle Mar 2019
My heart is like a forest
right after winter's end
the trees all without leaves
and no life withstands
but when You are here
like the first rays of sun
bathing once more the hard frozen land
life again will arise
revealing it's amazing flowers
Pedro Vialle Apr 2019
I will not break
no matter the wind
I will not sink
no matter how harsh the sea
I ain't dying now
for nigh the time to reap
all I sowed with my tears
Even the worst of storms eventually go away...
Pedro Vialle Mar 2019
You are my Sun
sending away all the terrors of my nights alone
making me happy to know
that although the nightmare was rough
a new day arised
and with it
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