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14h · 28
I was on the run
Heart beating to the sound of drums
seeing nothing but dark ahead
and the past chasing me down
When I fell
they played their wretched fanfare
then threw me into a wall
shooting me until they felt it was fair
Now, as I bleed to my death
drawing the last of my breaths
I smile with you in my mind
'cause they can break my body
but never my soul
5d · 139
We hear everyday
to make the most of ourselves
go far and go deep
never retreat
Yes, it is great to burn the brightest
but to burn brighter is to become ashes first
So give time the worth it deserves
walk calmly on the side of the road
and let your heart decide your fate
7d · 79
To Love Again
I wanted to write about love
cheesy, I know
to write about love on this very day
but instead, I didn't found the words
Guess I was away from love
away for too **** long
see, I almost forgot how it felt
the sheer happiness
the overrun mind
and the way the world changes around
all of it was foggy and shady
stashed in the back of my toughts
But no more
to be even cheesier, I choose this day
as the day I let love back in my heart
and as for the risks of it
I'll take them all
Feb 12 · 29
Pedro Vialle Feb 12
I turned my heart into stone
to survive all those years
it was to avoid being hurt by someone
and muffle the sound of my tears

It was hardened and heavy
cold to the touch
it made me feel weary
like I was carrying  the weight of world

Nowadays my heart is red again
muscle and blood, emotion and tought
but sometimes I miss my cold stone walls
as it hurts to be human
Feb 11 · 70
Till the Dawn Comes
Pedro Vialle Feb 11
I looked up to the stars
saw their beautiful light
and relaxed under the moon
over a glass of wine
and stayed still till the morning came
when a new day arised
and with that new day
new toughts
new hopes
and who knows?
Maybe a new Me as well
Feb 9 · 40
Pedro Vialle Feb 9
Some say
to be is to suffer
and others say
Life is there for us to enjoy
well, both are true
Because to live is to travel
in a long road
some parts good, some parts bad
but what really matters is the whole:
Our choices, our feelings
all the words we said, all the toughts we had
for in the end, it isn't our future:
it's what we left behind for others
Be kind to others and leave a better world wherever you go, as that's a major part of our afterlife: our mark in the mundane and in those who are still on it. If we can make their journey any easier, then we should, don't you think?
Feb 7 · 51
Pedro Vialle Feb 7
Time doesn't go back
all moves foward like a train in it's track
But I wish that weren't the case
for when I look the kids outside
I miss so much of back in the day
And then I start to cry
my memories of old paying a visit
and I see how much I miss
All those things that never were
To miss something  (or someone) is already sad enough. But to miss something you never had... That's a tough pain to have in one's heart. (FYI Saudade is a word in Portuguese. There's no translation to it, but it means to miss something)
Feb 6 · 232
A Young Heart's Eulogy
Pedro Vialle Feb 6
In a world full of people
it is truly sad to feel alone
To be invisible
in the midst of your own
But then again
to live is to die
and maybe in death my soul will matter
or will I disappear whitout leaving a sign?
Jan 30 · 60
Pedro Vialle Jan 30
Long ago someone stole some of my years
and with them, all the friends I didn't had
all the games I didn't played
all the loves I've never felt
all of my rainy days by the window
and all my sunny days in the water
So I went from a little kid to a cold grown up
heart of stone and eyes of steel
making a dam with all my tears
hiding away in the dark
and all of that because they wanted to laugh
Yeah, I know this doesn't rhyme
Nor there are commas in the rightful places or the usual period
all of this is a mess way more that is a poem
but there is nothing I can do
since this is the way my head is right now
All those terrible days
where I was tortured for being me
when my loved books where tossed in the ***** floor
and a chunk of chewed bubble gum was stuck in my hair
They just keep coming back
and back
and back again
and some more
until I'm nothing more than a shadow of myself
Maybe it was my fault
how dared I to be different?
How I dared to be me when I clearly shouldn't?
I need to go now
bury myself some more in all these lies
lies about how all is so nice
and no, I'm not crying, it is a allergy
and no, these bruises were from a fall
yes, I'm okay mom
I'm okay
I'm okay
When in the truth, I wasn't even me anymore
Maybe one day I will forget about this
carry on with my life
but somehow I know
I'm going to miss all those years that never were
and feel sad for that poor boy
who died for me to live
Jan 25 · 47
Fateful Toughts
Pedro Vialle Jan 25
Maybe I was made to be all alone,
and face the tides of time all on my own,
to watch the night skies all by myself,
having only pictures of me in the shelf,
or maybe, out there, there is someone,
to fill the empty spaces in my heart,
that will sit with me in rocking chairs,
feeling the warmth of a burning hearth,
and remember all the years that are now done,
waiting for the few that are ahead.
But for now, I walk on these ever branching paths,
making choices that will last forever
haunting my every step,
and I know that life is tough,
tough as it can be,
but I will never give up,
for the light will come again trough me,
and will reveal all the answers,
even the ones I didn't want to see
Jan 11 · 70
Merry Go Round
Pedro Vialle Jan 11
My head spins,
My heart is tipsy
and all my feelings are behaving weirdly,
and here I stand, not knowing
the whats, the whens, the who's and the whys.
Round and round, here I go,
taking everything down in my way,
topsy-turvy along the windy path,
tripping down on the air, someone hold me,
I'm goin' to fall, with a big crash...
****, what a night was that.
Now as I wake up and then open my eyes,
I feel the pain as it hurts to see the light.
Bang and Boom, echoes my head,
so, so many regrets.
But after all, you are in my toughts,
again and again, as it was before.
Five bottles and some shots weren't enough to send you away,
and maybe I should had done that ****** ******,
oh well, the past is gone, as much as you are,
but I'm coming to you, I swear, my heart,
because to live without you is to wish to be away,
is to much to take, too much pain,
so I'm ending this, slowly and steady,
because I lack the guts to do it at once...
Dec 2018 · 575
Astronomic Wishes
Pedro Vialle Dec 2018
Oh Moon, take me away,
to a place where I can be myself,
and be it with the one I love.
And when thy brother, the Sun,
shines again upon the lands o' man,
may it shine in a new day,
when I'll be happier,
and me heart lighter
Dec 2018 · 89
Pedro Vialle Dec 2018
For all the noises in the world,
silence is the one I hate the most.
See, the **** thing is just too loud!
If it comes from You, it's hurtful,
it annoys me, makes my anxiety go up the clouds.
Makes me think I did something wrong,
fills my mind with all kinds of doubt.
I long for hearing your voice, it's like a drug to me,
and you, sir, got me addicted to it.
But these days nothing comes trough,
so I just stare at your picture, waiting for it to speak to me,
in that same sweet tune.
I sound crazy to you? Well, I might be.
I need something to muffle your silence,
and for it, craziness is the perfect sound,
makes me breath, lest I drown in this quiet swamp that is being alone.
I really hate being alone. Being alone and in silence? For me, it's like ****.
I have constant nightmares about profound and still silence, but maybe getting my fears out there will make them go away, eh?
Dec 2018 · 71
It's Time
Pedro Vialle Dec 2018
Here I stay with a smile,
while my mind floods with tears,
waiting for something to happen,
to take me out of these years:
Years of pain,
months of  hopeless crying,
days of feeling my inside dying.
Hours without an end, waiting for you to call,
infinite minutes, looking at the watch on the wall.
And every single one of those precious seconds,
when I firmly believed you were the one for me.
****, I was naive.
But now the hours go by and I don't even see,
all those ticks and tocks don't let me sleep,
because I miss you, ******,
and I don't even know why,
since I've never had you,
not in any moment in time.
You were always of another one,
one that you loved truly,
and even if it hurts me,
that's what it is.
Time will go by,
and I shall let you go as well,
and ringing far away,
won't wake me up all those bells
as I will sleep my pain away in that day,
never to rise again
If there is one thing I learned recently, it's there is no better medicine for the heart than Time itself. It's a bitter medicine, and it hurts so much, yes... But there is no other solution as efficient, be it for the good or the bad.
Dec 2018 · 48
Tiresome Me
Pedro Vialle Dec 2018
****, am I tired of this.
I'm tired of my heart,
'cause he keeps me up all night.
I'm tired of him,
who also keeps me up, alright.
Hm, I really tought this was a longer list.
Guess the one who I'm most tired is me, then.
Sorry, You thought this was a poem?
Then I shall do my best for you.
You there, reading this: You must be tired of me, too.
Everybody is these days,
so why shouldn't You?
I'm just a waste of space and time,
my toughts ain't worth a single dime.
Yeah, that's pretty much it.
Just a self pity explosion,
nothing worthy to hear.
Bye for now, see you soon.
who knows?
By then I may already gone boom!
Wonder who will give me an eulogy,
as there isn't much to say.
So young!, they will weep,
as I still had so much do pay.
Sorry to take you on this sad ride,
but I kinda needed this.
A place for my tears to fall, there is.
Now, I really must be going!
And maybe I will come back,
once I'm done living this nightmare,
where everything is pitch black.
Pedro Vialle Dec 2018
I've never tought of You like this,
You were my friend, and that was it!
And yet, when I look at You,
my heart starts to race,
turning me eager to see your eyes,
hungry for your embrace.
But now, You are with someone else,
I was too slow to see myself, to learn that I liked you.
Oh Fate, make him come to me,
so I can wipe off my tears, so I can be out of feeling blue.
Oh, who am I kidding?
I will never be brave enough.
I will still keep on hiding
like I was doing before.
Trapped in the proverbial closet,
afraid of my own kin,
a mind confused,
unconfortable on my very skin.
You showed me the way out,
but never how to live in here,
so now I'm lost without your light,
afraid even to fight.
Will You come to me, my love,
or this is only a vain hope?
Should I still believe,
or should I start with the loneliness cope?
I didn't felt like this for anyone before... It hurts like ****, indeed! I will carry on, of course. But the Lord knows I will cry a few more nights before I can smile again...
Nov 2018 · 222
One Day I Shall Rise
Pedro Vialle Nov 2018
Life used to be so simple,
but now I can't find my inner peace.
Loving used to feel so fine,
but now everything feels cold as ice.
I used to be so sure of me,
but now I am a pit of doubts.
So where all these paths go,
if they only go round and round?
How do I choose who am I going to be,
if I don't even know who am I now?
All this pressure, all this pain,
all for nothing as all stays the same.
But one day, I shall stop this heavy rain,
that makes me soggy and sad,
depressive and vain.
I shall rise like a rainbow,
leting all my colors out,
leaving all my pain,
and nothing will hold me down.
Pedro Vialle Nov 2018
I can't take it anymore.
No, seriously. There's not a chance I will continue here.
Cause here's where all my dreams came to die.
Now's when all my emotions fell apart.
So why should I keep going on?
And then the answer echoes trough my mind,
an relentless thunder, breaking all my doubts:
Your name. Always your name, flooding my toughts.
And as You embrace me, and as I sense your sweet scent,
I know, deep in my weary heart,
that till the very end,
We shall be here, together.
Nov 2018 · 488
Pedro Vialle Nov 2018
I woke up by eight in the morning,
feeling a cold wind on my face,
so I looked up to the half opened window,
and it was cold and rainy day.
As I sat  on the edge of my bed,
feeling the heat of the night before leave me,
my skin started to feel cold,
and my toughts,
which where focused in you,
descend on the foggy hole where our dreams go.
And yet, as tough I had tought I could never forget what we had,
I felt all those moments turn into memories:
all that sadness turning into raindrops falling on my head,
all the happy times just fading into the past,
all of you, becoming a distant part of me.
I guess is time to close that window,
before anything else decides to disappear,
leaving me here,
just like you did,
for another long, long year...
Nov 2018 · 288
Hollow Mind
Pedro Vialle Nov 2018
I'm all alone,
ghosts of past pains haunting my sleep,
and boy, oh boy, I'm going mad for sure.
Their voices too loud, the images too bright,
too real for me to bear...
All the memories I fought so hard to forget, and yet,
I fail to defeat.
So here i shall stay,
in this glass walled room,
able to see trough the thin barrier all those people,
the ones who said they loved me too.
Bound by heavy shackles,
that are too large for my wrists:
Yes, I could escape...
But why take the risk?
Why leave the comfortable darkness,
that always embraces my sleep,
for the dangers of a happy and luminous life,
filled with the uncertainty?

— The End —