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May 21 · 40
Dark Times
Pedro May 21
We fight
and we die
but make no mistake, friend
for in this war of ours
there will be no victory
just a mournful end
There's no victory with so many already fallen...
Pedro Apr 29
Here I stand
on this dirt road
and in my front
two paths are shown
so tell me, please
earth's under
or heavens above
which of these
so dreadful ways
I should follow?
Messy rhymes for a messy life
Pedro Apr 21
Lonely star
up so high
shining away
through the night
grant me a wish
if you may
just one wish
out of your dazzling grace
and set me free
of these chains
chains that bind me
to this dying earth
Apr 14 · 274
Smoke and Mirrors
Pedro Apr 14
I tought
in my utmost deep
that I was not alone
but alas
altough hard to believe
it was all fake
 just a cruel trick
for when I was lost
crying away in the dark
everything I had turned to mist
and then I saw
in the light of a heartbreak
only a desert
full of me
Apr 2 · 803
Lost Lamb
Pedro Apr 2
I wonder
when all my lies fall
and the truth
comes knocking down
all these walls I built around
will they still want
this child of the rainbow
amongst their white flock?
Living a double life is hard and it becomes harder every single day I keep hiding the truth about myself. I long for the day I'll be free, but also fear it, for it also may be the last day I see so many of my loved ones...
Mar 30 · 120
Pedro Mar 30
Sorry if I sound so sour
but life ain't being that great
and so far
when I look into the horizon
all that I see is grey
grey skies
and darker clouds
a storm so great
that when it finally falls
I may drown in the rain
I'm so tired...
Mar 26 · 302
Journal #6
Pedro Mar 26
Tomorrow may come
as gone may be
the Moon and the Sun
and I wouldn't care
away from You as I am
for the void at my side
blocks my eyes
keeping me blind
from everything else
Being lonely is awful...
Mar 21 · 420
Pedro Mar 21
Nothing feels the same
on these bleak days
not even the rain
the streets so quiet
every taste seems bland
and the air feels heavier
more serious, untamed
oh, how the mighty have fallen
from their palaces so up high
and on their skin
there are blisters
the same as in mine
Terrible times these are... And as if nature wanted to prove that we are more than money or status, everyone is getting sick. But maybe it is true that some evils come for the good and after this, perhaps, we'll see each other with different eyes: as equals and worth of the same!
Mar 17 · 91
To Kindle a Lost Flame
Pedro Mar 17
Such a fickle thing
love, that is
lighting up flames
all around me
making me dream
of such great heights
I cannot achieve
compelling me to go
forward, onward
in your direction
and even tough
for fate has it's ways
you are with another
my nights are still
filled with thoughts anew
of your hand
gently holding my own
I do seem to have a way of wanting what I can't have...
Mar 2 · 95
Pedro Mar 2
Yeah, yeah
you fed me
and sometimes took me to school
but hey
shouldn't you
had loved me too?
Feeling tired of chasing love from someone who never gave me any...
Feb 28 · 154
Pedro Feb 28
There was a mouse
and also some screams
as for the rodent
he hid, that poor thing
under nana's bed
it made auntie cry
as my father laughed out loud
and now I'm outside
because the mouse
that pesky thing
he's still around
I know it's silly, but it happened lol
It's cold, tho
Feb 28 · 56
Castaway Prayer
Pedro Feb 28
May they remember me
may I never be forgotten
may my picture for ever be
kept above their fire
may these waves
which so harshly took me so far
deliver my corpse back to land
so over me they may cry
then lower my coffin into earth
away from water and salt
and may them remember my voice
calling them in a roar
fighting against the wind
to return to my own shore
Sometimes, I feel so far away from those I love... I feel like they'll forget me someday, ya know?
Feb 20 · 86
Pedro Feb 20
So strange
that those who claim
to love and protect
can **** our very souls
with just a choice of words
To think of someone as a friend or a loved one and then watching them turning on you... It hurts so much and so deep!
Feb 15 · 69
The White Rider
Pedro Feb 15
Life as we know
it's close to dying
and how ironic it is
that we are willingly
taking poison
expecting a cure
Feb 15 · 169
Pedro Feb 15
Think not
of our doom
and all its terrors
but in your heart
always remember
that is the journey that matters
not the end

one and a million more goes away
alas, hopes never dies
as light always come forth
and the sun rises nonetheless
Feb 15 · 75
Pedro Feb 15
How much
do you need
of those ****** coins?
Enough to fill
your own stomach
or just enough
to keep the other empty?

Our greed
our want
they are our curse
and our burden
but to fall for them
that's a matter of caracther
not Fate
Feb 15 · 299
Pedro Feb 15
War comes
riding his red horse
and fights with a devilish grin
for he, unfortunately
has already won

Time is ticking away
the end ever closer
oh, when will we see
that in ourselves
is where lies our own doom?
Feb 12 · 1.1k
Would You?
Pedro Feb 12
If all my years
were in a book
would you read my words?
Or if my footsteps
and the places I've been
were all in a map
would you follow my soul?
And if my heartbeats
were to turn into music
would you listen, my dear
to my love for you?
Lots of questions, no easy answers...
Feb 10 · 87
Journal #5
Pedro Feb 10
A river of song
whose tunes played along
my beating heart
and my weary mind
those waters
once full of life
now they run dry
under this sun
a sun of hatred
an unforgiving light
burning away
alll my senses
all my will
leaving nothing behind
but a charred vessel
filled with the void of me
Inspiration has not been kind to me lately... Although, words have their own way to come around our hearts, right?
Pedro Jan 20
At home
he was a wasp
but outside
a butterfly
fearful of stingers
and eager to live
the life of his own
It's hard to live somewhere you know that, if everyone knows who you really are, you won't be welcome anymore...
Jan 20 · 1.2k
Pedro Jan 20
One day
I solemnly swear
by the stars in the sky
and by the old bones in the deep
that I'll be myself
or if not
I won't be at all
I'm so tired of pretending... So, so much tired
Jan 13 · 203
A Red Day's Night
Pedro Jan 13
Up here
on this lonely hill
may my voice be heard
by the stars in their heights
may my cries go far
riding on the howling wind
and may my final breath
one last stand of defiance
let all know
that yes, I fell
but I gone down swinging
*Queues Théoden's speech at the fields of Pelennor* DEATH!
I was watching The Return of the King (Lord of the Rings) and this one came to me
Pedro Jan 8
My heart beats
but that ain't life
and I still breath
but I think, why should I?
why should I
if my tomorrow
is the same than yesterday's blight?
Oh, what a curse it is
to live like this
and to keep on living
whitout reason, whitout...
well, without
Hey everyone! It's a whole new year, but I'm still sad and I still can't rhyme properly...
Dec 2019 · 195
Fleeting Words
Pedro Dec 2019
Nothing stays
nothing lasts
everything fades
in a blink of an eye
So enjoy things, I guess... While you have 'em
Pedro Dec 2019
My life grows colder
by the days
the nights grow longer
by the hour
and sunlight
seems always farther
leaving me alone
with cold starlight
breaching trough my window
Pedro Dec 2019
Maybe it's fate
for me to be
only ever seen
as a shadow on the wall
of people's minds and memory
Sometimes I wonder if not being of worth to none is a blessing... It sure feels lonely, tough (also, once again, my rhyming *****... Sorry 'bout that)
Dec 2019 · 168
Pedro Dec 2019
Maybe words
sounds and written
or even, if you may
the ones who ain't spoken
maybe they aren't enough
just maybe
all we need is a hug
to let everything turn to dust
so forget the past, I say
come close and be my friend again
and I promise
from the deepest of my heart
to not **** up this time
I miss my friend, I made some stupid mistakes  and I really don't know what to do (also the last line is weird. Sorry 'bout that)
Nov 2019 · 89
Pedro Nov 2019
Heavy lies my head
crowned in rusty iron
sitting on a broken throne
ruling over a realm of broken dreams
my knights all hollowed
armors blazed in dragonfire
my people screaming
through the starless night
for the walls have crumbled
and here I lie
sword at hand and tears dry
as Mordred and Morgana beckons
for they are my doom
and so I shall be theirs
A little attempt on making a poem in a different way of what I normally to do...
Pedro Nov 2019
I want a love
even if it ends
'cause the heartbreak I know
but what is like
to feel your heart as a whole?
Alone in the dark
colder and colder
until my souls gets frozen
Nov 2019 · 214
Liberty Song
Pedro Nov 2019
Freedom isn't free
it has a cost
so pay it in blood and soak on it, child
no matter what
let your tears
salt and dirt in your face
let them soak and rust your chains
for yes, the chains are peaceful
but tomorrow they will choke you
And pay that price gladly, never taking it for granted, for tomorrow it may not be yours anymore
Nov 2019 · 808
There's a Light
Pedro Nov 2019
It's been a lot
for a long while
such hurt, such malice
but have hope, lil' child
for alas, evil may be strong
but stronger is the will to be human
Strange times are these, when old ghosts of hate and evil seem to be back and at it again... But hope we need, hope to fight, to endure, for our light and our love, they shall prevail against the darkness!
Pedro Oct 2019
Life is water
it flows
Life is fire
it hurts
Life is an artist
all the drama and shows
Life is music
magical and full of grace
Life is a lie
there's no saving, no chance
Life is fleeting
like a flock of doves
Life is nothing
but everything at once
Life is bright
a candle in a dark room
Life is all
but you
A simple missive, to all those who think the world goes around them. Sorry, my friend... It does not. If it did, it would be a very idiotic thing for the world to be. Hope you trip on a small rock,
Oct 2019 · 90
Pedro Oct 2019
I feel I have a hole
where something was meant to be
but it never was there
so it's just empty
now and then it makes me cry
but it's alright, alright
always alright, never a let down
a weakness it is
and God forbids
I'll let anyone see that
for this ****** life made me a rock
so here I'll stay, forever
my tears slowly turning me to sand
Oct 2019 · 326
A letter to burn later
Pedro Oct 2019
Ever so gently
lay your head on my shoulder
dreaming of a better place
while I'll be awake
fighting your nightmares away
and when you wake up
I'll still be here
and I swear to be, for ever,
                                                           ­                                              your love
Sep 2019 · 248
Pedro Sep 2019
for your life
not knowing what way
danger comes from
red and blue lights
shots fired
stray bullets
easy targets
never the bad guy
but always the black no one
tell me, when?
when this will stop?
when all this spilled blood
will finally be enough?
**** all those uniformed *******, those hateful pigs! They're killing CHILDREN over here...
Sep 2019 · 255
Pedro Sep 2019
I fell
right from the sky
going down really fast
piercing through the clouds
then the ground got close
everything went boom
and when the smoke cleared up
there was only You
Pedro Sep 2019
Hearing you breathing
softly on my chest
my skin burning
as I touch your hair
feeling your heart beating
so close to my own
makes me dream
all night long
and feel like in the sky
on my new found paradise
Sep 2019 · 180
Pedro Sep 2019
Tick and Tock
goes the clock
and I'm here
standing still
with my heart
much like a watch
beating soundly
at its will
but nowadays
I'm feeling weird
like I'm missing parts
of my mechanism
so my gears go round
but with clinks and clacks
instead of gently sounding
the bells on time
Lord, I feel broken
maybe beyond repair
doomed to be forgotten
in a corner somewhere
ticking and tocking
in all the wrong ways
until I turn silent forever
Not even twice a day I've been alright lately..
Aug 2019 · 134
Pedro Aug 2019
Star-struck by your eyes
the magic in them shining on me
with such an angelic light...
Oh Lord, there's no other place I want to be
Aug 2019 · 188
Pedro Aug 2019
All around my world crumbles
no peace or love in me
and yet, after so many years
I can't shed a single tear
I guess I'm just used to it. It's kinda scary, to be honest...
Aug 2019 · 304
Journal #4
Pedro Aug 2019
It was quite windy today
and while looking outside
I suddenly realized
that my mind is like a yard
filled with dry leaves
all floating around
and me? I'm just running about
trying to catch 'em all
but when I'm almost over
sweating and making clouds with my breath
all the leaves fly away
leaving me standing there
tired of a work
that will lead me nowhere
Aug 2019 · 120
Pedro Aug 2019
I feel a hole
gaping in my chest
dripping dark red blood
******* all that was left
of me, in the past
my smiles and sunny days
leaving nothing behind
but frozen shades of gray
And in my sleep I feel like falling
never stopping 'till I reach my doom...
Aug 2019 · 360
Pedro Aug 2019
I wish I was always inspired
by Light and all its daughters
by rainbows, sunny days
and afternoons filled with laughter
but Darkness
her rainy days and chilly nights
touches my heart in so many ways
I can hardly fight
So, I give in
letting it all flow trough me
turning my sorrow and tears
in this what you read
Aug 2019 · 177
Pedro Aug 2019
To feel cold
when hugged by a friend
to feel alone
among so many others
maybe this is
the winter of my soul
Aug 2019 · 97
Pedro Aug 2019
A chained angel
with shredded wings
a room full of people
screaming at him
lusting for his blood
calling out his demise
taunting him with words:
"Oh, little bird, why don't you fly?"
And one day I shall fly, my wings finally open, ever reaching for the sunrise...
Jul 2019 · 117
Pedro Jul 2019
no one was calling for me
as I drowned alone
having no air in my lungs
my eyes seeing none
hands grasping my arms and feet
pulling me down into unknow
bubbles escape faintly
dark overcomes
Awful nightmare, felt so real...
Jul 2019 · 269
Pedro Jul 2019
I wish I knew why
people keep giving me stuff to carry
when I already have so much on my chest
No rhymes today, just some tears
Jul 2019 · 498
Pedro Jul 2019
Memories of old
creeping inside
bringing back old ghosts
under the moonlit sky
I didn't sleep at all these past few nights... Oh anxiety, you heartless monster!
Jul 2019 · 234
Pedro Jul 2019
A rolling stone gathers no moss
quite smart words, I must say
but alas, no bird lives away from a nest
and no seed grows on moving earth
so listen to me, young soul
let thy mind seek some rest
grow yer roots, try thy patience
and you shall see that it's best
to be at peace
than to be fast paced
and to have loved
than runned away
My grandmother always said that those who are patient and sturdy lives to see the world change
Jun 2019 · 118
Pedro Jun 2019
When I was young
my father used to say
that the man who cries is weak
and deserves all the suffering he takes
So I grew up dry as a desert
not allowing myself to breath
acting tough and always faking it
that was how I used to be
Until one day, a very hard one
I finally fell and broke
screaming with the pains of so many years
of so many failures, of so many words
My tears were washing my face
making me feel like a kid again
but my father ain't around anymore
so I didn't restrained
And when I was done
not sure if after hours or a day
I've never felt so much better
because I was, finally, me again
Not my best, I'm sure. But this is how these words came out, so I decided to let 'em be
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